The Phantom Menace prequel?

He says he’s finished, but like a two-year-old on the Loo – has he really?

George Lucas tells a scooper for Cinescape that in the back of his noggin’ he has an idea for another add-on to the “Star Wars” movie series : A prequel to “The Phantom Menace”.

Nope, not the adventures of young Jar Jar Binks building an underwater haven – but the tales of the Jedi regaining control of the universe from the many Dark Lords some 88 years before Anakin Skywalker”s bowl cut ever graced the earth.

Yoda – who was instrumental in the effort – would apparently have a headlining role.

Granted, Lucas, now 60, says he won’t be captaining such a ship if it ever happens though. What’s the bet FOX is going to lock him in a room, tie him to a chair and request he does anyway though?

Personally, I say go the sequel route – earring adorned Harrison Ford back as vest wearing Solo, whiny Skywalker training Jedi Tykes, C3P0 getting into trouble at Mardis Gras – much more interesting : and Hey, we’ve already got “Knights of the Old Republic” the video-game to serve as background info on the pre-Anakin days.

Meanwhile, “Revenge of the Sith” hogs the screen at every multiplex and is making quite a packet in doing so – it’s now one of the biggest films ever. Yep, bypassed “Mannequin” about five minutes into it”s first screening.


Hopefully I’m still alive by then :-s


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