Monthly Archives: June 2005

Last minute shopping

The best time to spend is this month and especially this week or next week. Sale like crazy because of their end of the year account thing. Bought a jeans and shirt from FCUK. From $139.95 from to $39.95 lol. Games also half price. HL2 50% off, Guild Wars 20% off. Managed to get a couple of shirts for my brother also. Tomorrow chow!!


I hate it when…

Crap…forgotten what to blog already.

Bill’s Fountain

Rather than stay at home and do nothing, I went to the State Library for the first time. So freaking small! UniSA’s libraries are so much bigger. Shit the water looks blurry eventhough I set it to Shutter Speed Priority mode I think? Or should I use Aperture mode? LoL confuse..

Leaving stuff behind

exam finish. I’m the earliest person to finish exam. hahahaha. 2 more days to go. Can’t wait. Need to pack up stuff. Hopefully can really go on tour to England or Japan!! say bye bye to my powe pc, power speakers, figurines, counter strike, animes. nasi lemak & roti canai awaits me.

Don’t know if Muneira & Nadia really going to goldcost or not.

Gonna make sure i take lots of pictures when I get back home. Not forgetting, have to watch Batman Begins also and Bewitched and renew my IC.

Welcome to HELL!!

I haven’t finished playing Doom 3 !!! When am I gonna finish the game?!!

Flickr looks sleeeekkk

Should I get Flickr Pro account?

  1. $24.95 a year for
  2. 2GB monthly upload
  3. Unlimited storage
  4. Unlimited bandwidth
  5. Permanent archiving of high-resolution original images
  6. Ad-free browsing and sharing

That’s a cool offer although I already have a 2GB of web space. The Flickr’s photo gallery is so slick!! HmHmHmHm so tempting!!

Harajuku Girls

Cool kids in Harajuku. I don’t understand this culture. Well that’s one way to attract attention.