Monthly Archives: July 2005

1st Haircut

Yesterday, after 21 years old was my first time having my haircut in a salon at One Utama.
Cost = RM45 – 70% student discount = RM18.50 wahahahaha.
Going back on 3rd August


Great Wall of China

Gone to Beijing til the 27th.

CSS in Malaysia

No. Not Cascading Style Sheets. No. Not Card Captor Sakura. That’s CCS. What I mean is Counter Strike Source. I’ve never seen any people in Malaysia cyber cafe playing that game. Feels sad really.


1. You need to have a valid steam account to play the game.

2. NO MALAYSIAN SERVER. Okay, actually there are a few.

3. ISPs in Malaysia don’t provide gaming servers like in Australia.

4. Malaysians like to buy pirated games. Why should we play in cyber cafe if I have to pay for the game also. Wanna play CS Source LAN also need to buy original then only I can access the game.

Since Im so bored because there are no games on my brother”s PC, I installed CS Source couple of days ago to find out the only playable servers are in SG. Using 512kbps streamyx broadband and I get ping of around 100ms. Erm, de_dust and de_dust2 maps only. What the heck.

Final Fantasy Ultimate Edition

As well as all the features included in the standard DVD, this Ultimate Edition including tons of collectible goodies:

1. Cloud + Fenrir (motorbike) figure set

2. Bonus DVD, including: OVA [original video animation] “LAST ORDER FINAL FANTASY VII”, a Making Of video, the special Venice Film Festival version, AC trailers

3. Voice recording screenplay replica

4. A cap

5. T-shirt

6. Serial numbered keyring/holder

7. FFVII International (Special LE packaging)

I WANT ! Price? US$ 295.00 !

Photos leeched from FF7:AC Reunion

Purple Sky

My attempt to capture the purple sky. Not that good I know.

Still using IE ??

Shame on you. Please get Firefox or else…

my page looks like shit.

Metal Gear Ac!d

Busy playing that at the moment. 2-4 hours a day to complete 1 or 2 stages. Playing it at a slow pace to enjoy the graphics. I think I’m on stage 8 right now. It”s a card based game FGS!!

Looking forward for MGA 2 :-W