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European and Australian owners will finally own their PSP in a few hours. Meanwhile, me back at home.
i <3 my pspKill Bill Kitty!!


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Katrina & Asian Tsunami

Katrina may be ”our Asian tsunami”

(CNN) — Flooding expected from Hurricane Katrina could wreak catastrophe on New Orleans, overwhelming its water and sewage systems, damaging its structures and leaving survivors in a bowl of toxic soup, a top hurricane expert said Sunday.

Landfall is expected early Monday. (Latest report ) “We need to recognize we may be about to experience our equivalent of the Asian tsunami, in terms of the damage and the numbers of people that can be killed,” said Ivor van Heerden, director of the Louisiana State University Public Health Research Center in Baton Rouge.

CNN That is CNN for you. Putting Katrina & Asian Tsunami next to each other.

Asian Tsunami death toll: 240,000

Katrina: 110 so far? I love your bullshit CNN.

Katrina is worse than Asia”s Tsunami Wow, really.

Opera offers Ad Free Browsing!

To celebrate Opera’s 10th Birthday is offering everyone a free full version of Opera, for one day only. Until version 5 Opera did not have a free version of its popular web browser, but now offers a free version supported by adverts within the browser. Today, however, on their 10th Birthday Opera is offering everyone a free ad-free version of its web browser.

To download a free version just head over to, and to get your free registration click on the link below and get a registration key to use to unlock the browser. Remember, the offer is only available today as Opera celebrates its 10th Birthday.

Get your free Opera registration code

I got my key and couldn’t really test out the browser yet because I needed to catch the bus to Uni. I’m at Uni now, lol. Everyone’s been talking about Google Talk when it first released. I couldn’t care less. Why should I put a news about what every other bloggers do. I’ve not seen a news about Opera offering ad-free browsing in PPS yet. I know why, since it is MERDEKA today, other bloggers are trying hard to translate their entries in Bahasa Malaysia just to show how patriotic they are. It’s been ages since I blog in Malay. Why bother.

Caffee shop

A sign in Beijing Ningxia Hotel. Caffee shop? WTH?

Ichigo Complete Lyric

Ichigo Mashimaro CD Cover Ichigo Complete Lyric

“Kawaii” nante sonna koto iccha dame desu
かわいい なんて そんあ こと 言っちゃ ダメ です
Fuwa fuwa Ichigo-tachi ga yatte kuru
ふわ ふわ いちご たち が やって くる
Urusai koe ga chikazuite kuru
うるさい 声 が ちかずいて くる
Fuwa fuwa Ichigo-tachi ga yatte kuru
ふわ ふわ いちご たち が やって くる
Amakute suppai kaori ga suru
甘くて 酸っぱい 香り が する
Chiguhagu na iro de ii mon rakugakichao
ちぐはぐ な 色 で いい もん 落書きちゃお
Shippai mo atarimae da yo ne
失敗 も あたりまえ だ よ ね
Watashi-tachi wo yurushite agenasai
わたし たち を 許して あげなさい
Okoranai de ne, okoranai de, Suki ni sasete ne
怒らないでね 怒らないで 好き に させて ね
Otona ni wa wakannai SUTEKI, KISEKI KANPEKI! (Hai!)
オトナ に は わかんない ステキ キセキ カンペキ (ハイ!)
“Kawaii” nante sonna koto iccha dame desu
かわいい なんて そんあ こと 言っちゃ ダメ です
Totetsu mo nai egao mashimaro na onna no ko
とてつ も ない 笑顔 ましまろ な 女 の 子
I.C.H! I.G.O girl!
GO GO girl! Ichigo Love!
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Indon Power

I’ve been listening to an Indonesian songs alot lately. Most of them are from Dewa19. I know they’ve been around for along time but hey I’ve just downloaded their albums ‘kay? Anyhow, their lyrics are really good.

Is it just me or I think Indon’s ”malay” language is really suitable for songs but not Malaysian’s malay language.

My own Flickr Badge!

Don’t have a badge yet? No problem! Access the Flickr Badge Maker, fill out the form and voiala! Then add the tag “FlickrBadge”, and post it on this group.