Densha Otoko Episode 01

Title: Densha Otoko (電車男)

TV Station: Fuji TV

Telecast: 2005-07-07

Episode 01 title: A love watched over by a million people

Opening Theme : Twilight – Electric Light Orchestra

Ending Theme : Sekai wa sore wo ai to yobundaze (世界はそれを愛と呼ぶんだぜ) – Sambo Master

English Sub & Torrent: Walle Fansubs

I will make review and critics on this drama since the genre suits my taste. Densha Otoko or Train Man is about a guy (obviously) name Yamada who’s a loser, well sort of. Just because he’s an Otaku when he’s already 23 years old makes him a loser. He plays PSP, collects anime figurines, gundams, goes to Cosplays just like any other ”normal” otakus. He has another two close friends Matsunaga and Kawamoto who are also otakus but alot worse than he is. Being a single for 23 years and never really have any relationship with a girl is really pathetic but that is what they are.



The opening theme freaks me out, abit. Well it was in English, lol. Showing the scenes of otakus and geeks all over Akihabara. From cosplays, idols, H-Game shops, figures, computer parts and most of what’s happening in Akihabara.


Anyhow, the story is mainly about an Otaku who met a beautiful girl (Aoyama)I must say in a train. What makes the difference is this Otaku suddenly got the courage to stand up and help this girl when a drunk guy tries to harass the girl. Can”t believe an Otaku standing up for a girl. Yamada didn’t end where he’d started anyway ofcourse not for an otaku. That’s where another guy (Takayuki) came and brought the drunk to the police.

This is where the story really going to start when Aoyama asked for Yamada”s address during the police report. The excuse was to give the guy a gift for saving her (yeah right :Þ).



Yamada goes to his home and open a BBS. Creates a thread about what happened to him excitedly. This is the place where he gets his advice on what his action’s next. This is the place where he gets the motivation. This is the place where there are people just like him. One of the reply says since he gave his address away there must be a chance for the beautiful girl to send him a gift. So Yamada waited and a package actually arrived to his room! Unfortunately things doesn’t go well like it should. It was a gift from an old lady who was also on the train at that time (hehe). Depressed.

On his 23rd birthday, noone even his father or sister wish him (feels like being forgotten). Bad luck during his work after trying to get a balloon for a little girl, his documents for his client got wet. After a string of unfortunate events, another package arrived. Not interested on who the sender is, Yamada tears the cover and look what”s inside. Just a couple of cups? Who the heck, the first package was full of biscuits. So he searches for a letter and it is actually from Aoyama-san!! How lucky!! Rush to the BBS and post another entry of his excitement.

The others just can’t believe that this kind of thing actually happen. Some say Yamada is just making it up and bullshit. They ask if there’s a sender’s address and a phone number on the package. How fortunate of Yamada to get her cell-phone number. So what are you waiting for Yamada?! Kakero shiyo!! Call her goddamit. Oh wait, how are you going to persuade an Otaku to call a beautiful looking girl? This time most of the posters gave him courage and support to make this call. Quite touching I would say. Oh and the cup brand is HERMES (never heard of them). Anyway the drama ends in a slow motion where Yamada punch in the numbers and actually calling! Ganbatte Yamada-san!!



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