Densha Otoko Episode 02

Title: Densha Otoko (電車男)

TV Station: Fuji TV

Telecast: 14-07-2005

Episode 02 title: I’m off to my first date, big transformation

Opening Theme : Twilight – Electric Light Orchestra

Ending Theme : Sekai wa sore wo ai to yobundaze (世界はそれを愛と呼ぶんだぜ) – Sambo Master

English Sub & Torrent: Walle Fansubs

Episode 02 starts where episode 01 ended, which was a cliffhanger episode. Yamada finally has the guts to call Aoyama-san. Her keitai denwa (cellphone) rings.

Aoyama-san picking up the phone

But to Yamada-san’s dismay, Aoyama doesn’t answer her cellphone and reaches into Aoyama’s voicemail. Why?! Why?! Why won’t she answer Yamada’s call? Could it be….




or even to


OMG, what is Yamada thinking? He”s just crazy, wacko. So he gives up and grab his phone with him (without recharging). Better luck tomorrow =) He tries calling again the day after but just before pressing the ”call” button, he receives a call from his client (tough luck). Not to mention during the conversation, he receives another call which is Aoyama-san on call-waiting! As you can guess, his client keep talking until Yamada can”t answer Aoyama”s call (T_T). Never give up! He tries again the second time and…..

Charge shite Kudasai lol!

Sigh, so unlucky. When things get wrong they go really bad. Anyway, here comes a new intro for Densha Otoko. An animated intro scene featuring ScreenShot051

Mina the Carrot Blaster!


Opening theme production from GONZO as you can see. The same production that made great animes such as Saikano, GANTZ and Full Metal Panic. I just wonder if there is really an anime starring Mina the Carrot Blaster out there. Would be interesting to watch XD.

Okay, back to the drama. Yamada gets all crazy again trying to find a battery charger. He doesn’t have Aoyama’s number on paper so the only way is to get his cellphone charged. There’s a charger in his office, same brand as his cellphone (a u..??) but it won’t fit. Goes to a shop to get extra batteries. Comes a maniac with SEVEN cellphones and bought all the batteries. Yeah, how unlogical and unlucky can you get. Goes to another shop, a convenience store and more hilarious set of screenshots I took when the SAT comes preventing Yamada to get his battery. Well, anyhow seems like he has to wait until he gets home then, too bad.

Eventually, he finally gets the chance to talk to Aoyama. for the first time! Hard-work pays, hehe. Things go really smooth, kinda strange. Both of them decided to meet after Yamada used an old trick (treating Aoyama to dinner as a thank you for the HERMES, gahaha). That BBS is really helpful eh? The posters kept giving ideas to Yamada on how-to’s. Thank goodness there are even female posters, because the Yamada posted in a ”Rants from Men” thread (^_~). Yamada gets a make over after realizing; who wants to be a date of an otaku? So he changes his hairstyle, uses contacts, wears perfume and no more otaku look.

Here’s an expression from his father.


and his sister (kinda cute, bitchy look)

Oh meh gawd!

Sunday! The day when two of them are actually going to meet each other. Yamada goes to the promised place an HOUR early. Who the heck would actually wait someone an hour early? He gets worked out after each minute. Sweats, heart pounding (dokidoki!). Will he meet his crush?!!!



P/S – I made up the name Mina the Carrot Blaster and you know why.

P/S2 – My mind was somewhere else in the middle of writing when I found about this post from a bitch. Please grow up and stfu, kthxbye.

P/S3 – Densha Otoko 3 has just been released by Walle!! Stay tune!!

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