Katrina & Asian Tsunami

Katrina may be ”our Asian tsunami”

(CNN) — Flooding expected from Hurricane Katrina could wreak catastrophe on New Orleans, overwhelming its water and sewage systems, damaging its structures and leaving survivors in a bowl of toxic soup, a top hurricane expert said Sunday.

Landfall is expected early Monday. (Latest report ) “We need to recognize we may be about to experience our equivalent of the Asian tsunami, in terms of the damage and the numbers of people that can be killed,” said Ivor van Heerden, director of the Louisiana State University Public Health Research Center in Baton Rouge.

CNN That is CNN for you. Putting Katrina & Asian Tsunami next to each other.

Asian Tsunami death toll: 240,000

Katrina: 110 so far? I love your bullshit CNN.

Katrina is worse than Asia”s Tsunami Wow, really.

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