Opera offers Ad Free Browsing!

To celebrate Opera’s 10th Birthday Download.com is offering everyone a free full version of Opera, for one day only. Until version 5 Opera did not have a free version of its popular web browser, but now offers a free version supported by adverts within the browser. Today, however, on their 10th Birthday Opera is offering everyone a free ad-free version of its web browser.

To download a free version just head over to download.com, and to get your free registration click on the link below and get a registration key to use to unlock the browser. Remember, the offer is only available today as Opera celebrates its 10th Birthday.

Get your free Opera registration code


I got my key and couldn’t really test out the browser yet because I needed to catch the bus to Uni. I’m at Uni now, lol. Everyone’s been talking about Google Talk when it first released. I couldn’t care less. Why should I put a news about what every other bloggers do. I’ve not seen a news about Opera offering ad-free browsing in PPS yet. I know why, since it is MERDEKA today, other bloggers are trying hard to translate their entries in Bahasa Malaysia just to show how patriotic they are. It’s been ages since I blog in Malay. Why bother.


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