Densha Otoko Episode 03

Title: Densha Otoko (電車男)

TV Station: Fuji TV

Telecast: 21-07-2005

Episode 03 title: Huge first date crisis!!

Insert Song: Imperial March

Opening Theme : Twilight – Electric Light Orchestra

Ending Theme : Sekai wa sore wo ai to yobundaze (世界はそれを愛と呼ぶんだぜ) – Sambo Master

English Sub & Torrent: Walle Fansubs

Moshiwake Gozaimasen! Late but certainly not forgotten. I’ve been doing other things and couldn’t get my mind on writing the review although this entry has been in my ”draft” right after I finished watching this episode. Fortunately, I’ve completed my IT concepts assignment and handed it yesterday. Other things that kept me busy was WoW, CS: Source and ofcourse PSP. Enough about my story, Walle Fansubs have released episode 03 on the 23rd August. It has been more than a week and now I’ll continue to write where I left.

Yamada-san has finally meet his dream girl! Wow and I thought they would twist the show a little bit like someone else appeared infront of his face and not Aoyama-san, get what I mean? So they actually meet each other face to face and Yamada-san gets nervous. The first question from him is “How do I look?” Is that really normal for a first time date to say that? I should try that line sometime when I go out with a girl. Guess what? The day when both of them were on the train, Aoyama-san didn’t wear her contacts and couldn’t really recognize Yamada-san. Yamada-san feels very very relief that she didn’t know that he’s an otaku! Yokatta ne? But, chotto matteeeeeeee!!!!! If really Aoyama-san couldn’t tell how Yamada-san looked like when he was on the train and didn’t wear contacts, how on earth did Aoyama-san read the Dan Brown’s book, I suppose it is Angels & Demon? Hmm?? Don’t get too happy yet Yamada-san.

Yamada-san & Aoyama-san head to their promised place, the restaurant. On the way to the restaurant, Yamada-san who’s a loser when it comes to girls, walks really fast. Well, he feels awkward when walking side by side with a girl. Yeah, I feel you especially when the girl is taller than you. Yamada-san has to stop twice to match Aoyama-san’s pace. Normally a girl that tall will walk fast because of their long legs means bigger steps. Hm, I get it she’s wearing high heel shoes. During the walk, Yamada-san keeps talking to himself, blabbering about how weird it is for him to walk along side with a beautiful, tall lady. He’s worried about all what other people might say about him. After realizing that he’s still alive and walking on earth, he stops to check if Aoyama-san is still beside him. To his suprise, she’s gone! Damn you Yamada. How can you not slow down your pace after the second time? Aoyama-san gets tired of this game and decides to hold on to Yamada-san’s hand.


It’s like Aoyama-san telling “I’m not letting you go” or “You’re not getting away from me kinda hold. As stupid as Yamada-san gets, he pulls his hand away from Aoyama-san’s. What the hell? Seriously, he needs to get to a relationship school, if there’s one.

They continue their walk to the restaurant. Once they are there, Yamada-san orders the following food like a pro;

    Guinea fowl with grilled seasonal vegetables
    Rock-salt baked Iberico pork
    Crunchy potato
    Ox tongue salad

Yummy. I’ve never tried any of that except crunchy potato which should be something like french fries uh? What do they talk about during the dinner? Mostly about what happened in the train, how boring. Next, after they finish eating the real conversation begins. Aoyama-san wants to know more about Yamada-san so she asks whether he usually goes to restaurants alot. Ofcourse not, his time is mostly spent on the internet (like me). So she says that she always go out to look for restaurants with her friend a.k.a. restaurant hunting. What a rich hobby. You know how expensive foods are in Japan. To not end the conversation pre-maturely, Yamada-san takes out his small notes to show his artificial intelligence about restaurants. Unfortunately his notes are outdated but still it’s nothing to make fun of because Aoyama-san is being so nice to him.


Aoyama-san gets serious this time and the question is, “So what is your hobby?” This must be the most embarrassing question to an otaku when asked by a girl. Etto, let’s see, hmm, my hobby is watching animes, playing ecchi games, and hang out at some cosplay cafe, where the girls who serve you are dressed up like a maid? No, no, definitely not the answer. Wait, wait, I have another hobby. I like to surf the net.

Well that is the answer from Yamada-san. I heard Yamada-san said “NETTO surfing” loud and clear. The good thing is, Aoyama-san has hearing problem so the only word that she hears from Yamada-san is “surfing” as in surf with the sea waves using a surf board. She”s all excited (gotta love her expression when she says “sugoi!” ^_^) and still doesn”t know that Yamada-san”s an otaku. Saved~

Pick a JokerScreenShot015


Since Aoyama-san likes men who know how to surf, Yamada-san is in deep shit now. So he tries to ask advice from the other BBS users. What sports advice can you get from people who spend their time on their PC all the time? Hmm? Demo ne, there’s a bbs user who was playing basketball for Japan but he’s an asshole/troll. He’s just in the BBS just to flame and not helping. Ofcourse there’s ought to be one or two trolls in any BBS or forums. You can’t expect everyone to be helpful or agree with what you say. I’m just glad that this show has that kind of characters inside. This is because, things are going so well and smooth for Yamada-san which seems too good to be true.

In episode three you will once again meet the seiyuu of Mina, Karin-chan. She’s in this show where an otaku asking an advice from Karin-chan. The host’s name is けーすけ so is that Keisuke or Keeisuke? Nevermind about that and the question goes something like this “I really like this girl but both of us have nothing in common. I’m an otaku. Is there any hope for me?” The answer from Karin-chan is totally, absolutely, definitely no way. She’s so cute when saying those XD. See, girls hate otaku. Hm, I wonder why. I hate them too, lol.



Back at Aoyama-san’s home, her mom’s insisting her to find a guy (to get married). From what I understand, Aoyama-san’s last relationship ended two years ago and has been frustrated ever since. So there’s abit of arguement happening between her mom and herself. It starts out normal but when her mom says the M(arriage) word, Aoyama-san got angry. Grrrrrrrrr, she’s so sexy when she’s angry. The conversation between them ends fast just because of that. Tsk, tsk, try to respect your parents more next time. She leaves her mom and goes up to her room, holding her cellphone, expecting “someone” to call her (^_~). A few minutes later, she receives a phone call from not other than Densha Otoko! Why is she smiling when she receives the call? Yer, I’m just jealous.

Well, the reason why Yamada-san calls is to ask if it is okay for him to be her friend in searching for good restaurants, in short restaurant hunting partner . Ofcourse Aoyama-san accepts because she’s the one who tried to tell him about it all along. This time, it is Aoyama-san’s turn to pick which restaurant to go to. All is not well when suddenly one of Aoyama-san’s friend wants to meet Yamada-san too. Something like the wedding crasher or party pooper.

Grr, I''m so sexyKoi ga shitai

LOVE is the answerYes cliffhanger!

Now Yamada-san is in a deeper shit. He tries to find the answer himself whether to meet with this friend after failing to get any from the BBS. Here we can see that Yamada-san is changing little by little and has learn abit about relationship and loving someone. I think that is all I have to say now. I can”t wait to see Yamada-san learns how to surf on the next episode. Episode four from Walle Fansubs might be out somewhere next week

Don’t forget to listen to Densha Otoko’s OST from #aznmp3. There are a few songs that I really like in the ost like Twillight, Sea of Love and Calling all Angels.

P/S: I want to take this chance to thank Walle Fansubs for putting my link on their main page. I notice an increase of traffic for that reason. Last but not least, please let me know where I go wrong because I know my English sucks and it is not my mother tongue.

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