Adelaide City Mosque

Come to think of it, I’ve never ever mention about the mosque in Adelaide. Odd but there was nothing to mention about even though I go to the mosque once a week (only Friday). It is just like any other mosque but ofcourse no where like any Islamic country’s mosque.

I can still remember the first time I’m in Adelaide and trying to search for the mosque. Had to walk all the way from Victoria Square to Little Gouger street if I’m not mistaken where the mosque is. I didn’t know there was a direct bus from Rundle Mall that stops just at the back of the mosque (baka me). I’ve never even pray Tarawikh during the Ramadhan in the Adelaide mosque too. I wonder why. So anyhow, when the mosque was right in front of me for the first time I thought “You sure this is a mosque and not a surau (a smaller version of a mosque)?” It’s just because most of the mosque in Malaysia are so big! Like really big okay and so beautiful with art works inside it. The Adelaide mosque has 2 floors of praying area which the top floor is half the size of the bottom floor.

The Imam has been good, no complaints. The khutbah length is never too short or too long, just nice and the Imam’s pronunciation of the khutbah is just good as well. No wonder I rarely fall asleep but in Malaysia, I have a hard time to keep my self awake during the khutbahs. Maybe listening them in English makes a difference? Here’s one thing about the mosque. Although it is small compared to any mosque in Malaysia, I’ve never had any difficulties finding a space to pray. Isn’t that just nice 🙂 If it’s in Malaysia, one wrong timing and you’re gonna have to wait outside and that makes me all nervous when trying to find a space to pray. Especially when I get sweaty 😦

I don”t know if this is new or anything but I saw a couple handing over chicken meats (should be halal ofcourse) for free to everyone in the mosque. ステキだね?Isn’t that wonderful? Yeah that’s what I thought and I should’ve really taken a bag or two myself, right? But I didn’t, why? I don’t know.

I’ve only been to one mosque South Australia and this is it. There are other mosque here but it’s really far away. Other mosques in SA are Parkholme Mosque, Masjid Al Khalil, Wandana Masjid, Renmark Camii and Whyalla Masjid. There are maybe more but I don’t know for sure. I got those list from here.

As usual, here are some pictures taken after my Friday prayers.

DSC01316DSC01306Wudu'' AreaAfter Friday prayers

Oh yes, Ramadhan is just around the corner. Early October, just a reminder to self.

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