Royal Adelaide Show 2005

Every year there will be a week where you can never stop spending. Adelaide is called the City of Festivals for a reason. Started on 2nd of September til the 10th of September, this event was held in Royal Adelaide Showground where university students around South Australia (Uni of Adelaide, Uni of SA & Uni of Flinders) take their exams there as well. I don’t know if they have this event at the Showground every year but if I’m not mistaken, they did at the same place last year too. I can’t say I know much about this because this year is my only first time being in there. Not like I’ve been to many events in K.L too anyways.
Everyone except me

So me and my friends went there on the last day, Saturday. Good to know Futsal got canceled at that day so there was nothing to worry. I’ve called the girls to meet up in the city around 2p.m before going to RAS together. That Saturday morning, I got ready as soon as possible and so did Nabil but Sikyi and Eugene weren’t! Talk about being a Malaysian and punctuality! I hate being late when I’ve promised someone that I’ll be there in that time. So we got in the bus and reached the city around 2.30p.m and was just lucky enough (had to ran from another stop to another) to catch the shuttle bus which lead us straight to RAS. All of us bought the day trip ticket which last for the whole day obviously not to mention saving ourself 10 cents!

Big ol Ferries Wheel

Muneira and Halim were already waiting for us. Both of them dare not to enter yet because all of the tickets were with them. Okay they can still enter the park and still hand us the tickets later but they were being nice 🙂 So after paying for the tickets, guess what, it was our turn to wait for Nadia and Ina. Why? Why? Those girls are staying in the city and could have reached the place alot more earlier than us. Although our place and the RAS is nearer geographically still it takes us 2 bus trips to reach there. Girls are always late and that’s a mystery we all know. We called them and they told us that we can just go in first and they’ll contact us when they reach there. Don’t wanna waste more time anymore so we all entered.

Don''t stop shooting.Old but strong.

It was such a lovely weather I must say. Sunny but not really hot, perfect for any event. There were many games and rides that we can choose from. Most of them are some what similar and so did the prizes. That made it a bit boring. As for me, I like going to rides and don’t really like to waste my money on silly games and getting some silly teddy. Yea, you’ll say the games will let you test and know your skills like how to shoot ducks or how to throw the ball inside a big basket, whatever I don’t find it a good experience. Getting into rides although it’s expensive, it’s an experience plus the adrenaline you get. It’s not like you’re going into the same ride 2 or 3 times. Unlike these games, just say you need to enter two balls to win. The first time, you’ll only get to enter one surely you wanna try again, right? There goes your money again. of luck.Let me suck your ping pong ball.

Anyhow, my first ride was the thing that goes top slowly and when the 10-sec counter ends the thing will drop down really really fast. Can’t remember what it’s call but I know everyone else knows it as well. There’s one in Genting too. I’ve never ride one of those before this. Only me and Muneira went for this. Could be my first and last experience for this too. At first it went up really really slow and you can almost see the whole Adelaide! (Yes, it’s high but I’m exaggerating). There was a few seconds to spare when both of us reached the top. Enjoy the view and say your prayers. I could hear the countdown from the bottom and at that moment, I was ike zomg!! It’s finally going to happen!! or something like that. I’ve been a few roller coasters most of them were when I was in Goldcoast. I don’t think I’ve been to any in Genting or Sunway? There were all great but this one is so freaking different. During the fall, I could hardly scream! Damn it, no voice came out. The intensity, the G force, the pressure and the feeling were just, unbelievable. Mind you that it was only a second or two. I heard Genting’s version is taller. Meh, I don’t wanna go into such rides ever again. The closest ride that I’ve been into which is similar like this was the ride in Goldcoast and you’re sitting in a log and fall from the waterfall. That was…gay.Moon! Almost there!

Second ride, the Hangover cost only six dollars. Most of us tried it only a few chickened out including a guy. It’s nothing fancy except that it swings back and forth a few times and after that it’ll put us in a 180 degree facing down position and later swing 360 degree non stop for almost 5 minutes. It was really really long! OMG, I’ve screamed like hell and almost out of ideas on what to scream about. It’s just that tiring that I yelled “Get us out of here, it’s getting bored already!” That six dollars was worth it but they could’ve make the length shorter. Quite a dissapointment that there was no decent roller coaster around.


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