Densha Otoko Episode 04

Title: Densha Otoko (電車男)

TV Station: Fuji TV

Telecast: 28-07-2005

Episode 04 title: Summer! Big Surfing Crash Course
Insert Song: Surfin” USA
Opening Theme : Twilight – Electric Light Orchestra

Ending Theme : Sekai wa sore wo ai to yobundaze (世界はそれを愛と呼ぶんだぜ) – Sambo Master

English Sub & Torrent: Walle Fansubs

As the story continues, Yamada-san gets into trouble when he and Kaho-san meet face to face. He fears that his secret might be revealed. Yamada-san almost spills his beans when was asked by Kaho. Fortunately for Yamada, Kaho is just playing around. “Have we met before?” A catch phrase normally used by guys on girls but Kaho using it on Yamada? Unusual. Yamada is saved once again. Noone knows he’s an otaku yet, well except for his family, otaku friends and Jinkama-san.

After that, three of them goes to a fancy restaurant, Italian I assume? Nice choice by Aoyama-san 🙂 I’m just assuming it’s an Italian restaurant since all three of them are having the same dish (LOL, I think) which is Cheese and Basil Pasta? Yamada-san with a beer/champagne and the others with Red Wine. I don’t really know since I don’t drink. So very Westernized. Totally opposite from what Yamada-san and Aoyama-san had the first time they were on a ”date”.

Writing a review for episode four and it’s getting annoying to keep typing ”Yamada-san” and ”Aoyama-san” frequently. Starting from now on, I’ll refer them as Densha and Hermes.
Kaho starts the conversation and waste no time to tease her friend and Densha, as an intro. Kaho changes the topic like noting happens. Trying to dig Densha’s hobby, Kaho then asks him about surfing, no thanks to Hermes. What a busybody. But I have to agree when Kaho says about non-surfer look on Densha :Þ . I don’t know a thing about surfing so I don’t have any opinions on Onjuku, Katsuura or Ichinomiya. I’m too lazy to check on them anyways. Guess we’re on the same boat eh, Densha? While Densha’s feeling guilty of not being able to tell the truth, Utsunomiya comes out from no where. Eh?? Is there even a place called Utsunomiya? That’s what Kaho is thinking too and she asks again and the next word from Densha is Uw&*^@#a. Nice Densha! So if a girl ask you something and you forgot what actually she was saying just do like what Densha does, mumble XD . I actually did that alot last time to my girl 😮 Can”t believe Kaho falls for that trick (^_~)ScreenShot008ScreenShot001

Being a typical Japanese otaku one would stay in the room and always have ramen for their lunch and dinner or any other Japanese food. Don’t take my word but I am just being skeptical here. So having to taste food outside Japan is really different to them be it American or Italian. That’s my first impression when I watch Densha’s-first-time-pasta-eater face. Densha gets a stomachache just by having a few bite of pasta? This happens during his conversation with Kaho. Uhm, another tactic to get your self in trouble. Kaho is doing all the talking. What happens to Hermes?? 😥

Densha”s in pain! Kaho becomes nice and shows Densha the direction to the ”nearest” toilet.

Exit store – Go straight – stairs at the right – Go downstairs – Go left and get into elevetor – Go to the 6th floor – Toilet is on the right.

How nice of you Kaho. How the heck Densha can remember the directions, I have no idea. The toilet is actually just beside where they are having their dinner. Poor Densha got tricked by Kaho. Err, he needs thicker glasses I guess. Well, when you are in that situation, your brain can”t focus properly and the only thing on your mind is, shit. Kaho didn”t actually think Densha would use the same route twice but that”s Densha for you, ofcourse he did. The dinner ends with laughters directed to Densha’s sillyness.


Densha is left to go back alone thanks to Kaho that night. It’s better that way since if Densha and Hermes were to walk together they won’t probably talk much. On the way back, Kaho continues to be a busybody or just a caring friend. She wants to know what’s going to happen between her friend, Hermes and Densha. Is Hermes really serious about this Densha or just treating him as a pet? Hermes’s heart is still wounded it seems from Kaho’s point of view. This brings Hermes to think about her past. Her painful experience with her ex-boyfriend. Keep in mind what kind of watch and bracelet the guy is wearing. There must be a reason why those two things are focused. That experience of being deceived is making Hermes not trusting guys anymore. So that’s the real reason why Hermes keeps rejecting her mother’s request.

FutarikiriErm tokei

Daijoubusob sob

The same night, Hermes receives a call from non other than Densha. Good thing that Densha calls her at the moment she needs someone the most. Lucky guy. Next time it”s Densha”s turn to choose the restaurant. Hm, when will this end, don”t you have other things to do with Hermes besides eating? Ah, thank goodness Hermes gives some hint to Densha to take her to the ocean. Yay, ocean + wave = surf! Densha kind of freaks out when he hears that since he knows nothing about surfing. Can”t believe Hermes takes this surfing matter seriously. Anyhow, there”s always a reason why Densha calls and here”s why.

Mail GET!Yatta!

Happy as a cow! Now both of them can be in touch without any worries especially Densha. Still in happy-mode, Densha gets his first mail from Hermes, hayai !!! He seems so excited while reading the mail it’s like he’s been drugged but not for long. Until he reads the last part of the mail which is “I’m looking forward to see you surf“. Yes, me too _|‾|O

Densha’s in trouble again and here comes the forumers to the rescue. Giving words of encouragement “You can do it” and such.

Do people say it loud the words they write in their mail or SMS ? I know this is just a drama but would it be weird if you see people around you do like what Densha is doing. And so Densha gets fired up and prepares for his battle including surfing in his own office. In the end, it’s just impossible for him to learn surfing on his own. Good thing though, there’s Oikawa-san. He’s the son of the office’s chairman I think who was a famous surfer in Hawaii or so he said. He has to learn how to surf by Sunday since Jinkama-san agreed with Hermes on behalf of Densha via mail.

Not giving up, Densha continues to learn surfing with the help of Oikawa-san but after three days of intensive training it proves to be useless. There’s just no talent in Densha in sports. Previously, there’s a scene where Hermes meets her younger brother, Keisuke who works for Sakurai-san. Seems like there’s a conflict going on with Hermes’s family. Separated parents, rebellious brother. Meanwhile, Sakurai-san acts as a brother to Hermes helps her to express all her anger towards her ex-boyfriend. Hermes feels better now =) You can”t always keep your anger in your heart. It”s either you forget it but that”s impossible for girls to forget these things or take it all out on someone or something.

Bite thisI HATE j00!

Back to Densha, he’s still having problems weather to go or not to go for Sunday. To tell the truth and apologize or to lie. Everything has been a lie from his look til his personality. He builds his courage, confident no matter what the plan must go on ignoring any consequences. The one who really helps him to decide is Hermes”s ex-boyfriend! Sunday arrives and both Hermes and Densha meet at their promise place. Densha looking unenergetic and uncertain. Hermes wonders what”s wrong with Densha all patched up? Hermes brings obento with her and that cheers Densha =) so easy. The basket is big, looks more like they”re going on a picnic. Just when Densha”s about to touch the sea, the rain pours down on his feet. Stopping him to actually surf infront of Hermes, too bad. I thought at first, “What a relief for Densha. His secret is still safe”. But that”s not what Densha have in mind. Sooner or later, your secret will be revealed eventually. Under the rain, with his knees down confess and apologize to Hermes. This scene is kind of dramatic, fantastical. Hermes comes near Densha. Explaining that this is not his fault. Not actually a lie but a misunderstanding. Nothing to worry about. She”s impressed that Densha would go this far just for this misunderstanding including buying a swimsuit, surf board and getting himself injured all over. Hermes apologizes too. Dakara, sore wa uso da to dewa arimasen yo.

What''s wrong?Gomenasai!

Oh, I forgot to mention something. Another trouble awaits Densha. Looks like Jinkama-san knows that Densha is Densha! She somehow managed to access the Aladdin Channel board from typing jibberish words in the url address.

Chotto Matte!

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