Providing Web Hosting

  1. You will be able to choose either TWO of these domains : or whereby username is your choise of word.
  2. Anyone who is hosted with me will be given 200 Megabytes of web storage. If you have almost reached your storage limits, e-mail me and I will increase it for you.
  3. Bandwidth will not be metered.
  4. Automatically, an e-mail account will be setup with or depends on which domain you are hosted at.
  5. E-mail can be accessable at or
  6. You are allowed to use English, Malay or Japanese language only.
  7. You are required to link back to
  8. Upon applying, please post a new thread on the forum that includes your details.
  9. Please include your Name, E-Mail, IM contact if available, desired username and which domain.
  10. Any form of spam is not acceptable. Absolutely no spamware. No IRC bots, Bittorrent software or CPU intensive cgi scripts allowed.
  11. Undeliverable addresses must be removed from all future mailings after no more than 5 bounces.
  12. HTML, PHP and CGI are supported by this server.
  13. Website can be anything from a blog, fansite, designing but not forum. If you want to host a forum, look somewhere else.
  14. Indicate what type of website are you intend to create. Is it something personal? Technology? Entertainment? Anime? Music?

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