I’ve jumped the wagon. NEW Ipod!

As speculated, there is a new iPod out. Called The iPod, it has a 2.5″ color screen, with QVGA resolution (320 x 240). Jobs claims the device will be 30% thinner than the current 20GB iPod, which would make it about .44″ thick – slim. The iPod will be available in black, and will be offered at 30Gb and 60Gb sizes ($299 and $399 respectively). Apple say the device will do real-time decoding of MPEG4 and H.264. The devices will begin shipping next week, and, will come with a case. Apple is still getting flak over the scratch happy iPod nano; presumably made out of a similar design, the company doesn’t appear interested in a repeat. In other iPod news, Apple updated the list of car companies with iPod features in-built.

Source: Neowin

Yes that’s right. I’m going to write about Ipod. I didn’t write any regarding the Ipod Nano since I know it’s a defected product. Apple has just released an Ipod that can play VIDEOS!! So all the speculations and rumors were true after all. We know Apple is going to release this sooner or later. It’s going to be shipped next week! Damn this month I’m going to be so broke!


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