PSP Sold!

Well, a couple of posts before I started reuploading my previous entries are gone. Including about this one and another one about my PC. Not to worry since there are 200 entries more to be inserted manually via sql to go.

Anyway, on the 12/10/2008 I sold my PSP version1 and also 10+ PSP original games to my Pak Su. For only RM450! Originally bought it for RM1.1k? with 4 games. Condition is still perfect. Screen protector was put on day 1 so basically no scratch on the screen at all. New battery which I bought last year and barely use it for RM80. I don’t mind letting it go for such a low price to my cousin. Yeah, my Pak Su bought it for his son who just finished taking UPSR.

Reason for selling the PSP is mainly because I don’t have the time to hold it anymore. When you have an owning PC, a PS3 and an Xbox360, not to mention Nintendo DS (inside box,rotting) you tend to forget about a hand held gaming device. Since I am no longer a student who takes public transports, it is obvious on why it is sold. I might be selling my Xbox360 and Nintendo DS in the future and my Mangas.

Hopefully he’ll take good care of it..


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