Work Emotion 17″ Rims

Before I forget. Yesterday me and my brother went out to Sunday to survey a new rims for my Mazda3. Ended up getting a Work Emotion 17″ Rims replacing the original 16″.

Everything costs RM3340 after trading in the old tyres and rims. Rims cost RM425x4, Michelin 205/45 tyres RM450x4 plus other extras. While waiting for them to change the rims & tyres, there was 3 person conducting some survey on my car. Had to answer around 50 questions haha. But it’s worth it because they gave me RM30 for it :P  . All that took around 3- hours alone.

The Rims are replicas, not originals. No money for the originals >.<

Promised Nadia to catch a movie at Sunday Pyramid but the traffic jam got on the way . Sorry.

Old Rims & Tyres Gone

Before Changing

Work Emotion 17" Rims

Michelin's Pilot Precedo Tyres

Tyre fitted in Rim

Tyre Allignment

Sensors on Tyres

Ready to Rumble



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