Hisyam Dot Com is Back!

Hisyam Dot Com is alive! Actually the reason why it was temporarily dead is because I didn’t pay my previous host money to extend my account with them. The domain is not dead because I paid 10 years for it! From 2004 until 2014 😀

So at first I thought backing up all my entries to this new host would take me 4 days but eventually I was fast enought that it only took 2 days. The previous database is using WordPress 1.5 and another problem is with my current host, they renamed my WordPress database to something like wp_random_post , that’s why I was having some hard time backing up the entries.
Most of the comments have gone haywire because of the comment and post ID mixed up. That’s the least of my concern. As long as I got my memories back, all is good. Was very lucky enough to find my WordPress database on my long abandoned Compaq laptop. Sikyi was using it alot while I was in Adelaide. Battery’s still good. Only thing I have to do for my laptop is updating the Windows.

Not alot of entries during 2006. I reckon that’s when my account with Surpass Hosting died. Why am I back to blogging? Nao-chan encouraged and motivated me so here I am once again, talking crap about my life!


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