Blogging History

I started out of boredom 1 day on 2003. I was 18 that year, after finishing my South Australia’s Matriculation from Taylor’s College. After getting my result, unlike most of my other friends who flew to Australia on their 1st intake, I got into the 2nd one. There was 7 months of free time and that made me getting involved in this blogging world.

The first place that helped me getting on was Blogger. It was so easy to use. Register, and you’re ready to go.

1st Blog Layout

1st Blog Layout

At that time of stage, I’ve already got my own domain! TheFellowSheep.Org. Ofcourse, a pun from Thefellowship. I’ve got the idea after watching Lord of the Rings maybe. Reason why thefellowsheep was thefellowship was taken. Hosted by Truebytes, a Malaysian company. I guess they’re gone now. As a total newby, I even used Microsoft Frontpage to edit stuff that I don’t really know of. Having some extra space from Truebytes, I hosted 4 people. One is for another blogger, another is for Robert Pires’s fan site and the other 2 not really known 😛

My second layout if I’m not mistaken was called “Kawaiiness” That would be the time I started watching Anime’s like mad. That layout was using pictures from Gonzo’s Kiddy Grade, Ai Yori Aoshi, Love Hina, Azumanga Daioh and Mahoromatic. Black and Orange in color. Come to think of it, it was kind of painful reading the entries. Mix and matching color is not really my field. So with that new layout, I switched from Blogger to b2 or better known as WordPress

Kawaiiness Header

Kawaiiness Header

Here’s a sample of the layout’s header. And below is how the site really looked like.

Kawaiiness layout

Kawaiiness layout

LOL, that’s the full picture size that I manage to restore >.< I couldn’t find any bigger picture of that layout in my backups 😦 . It had 4 linked pages: About, Contact, Blog, Links and also a chatbox on the right side of the main page! Awesome right, I know! Another worthy note to mention + pictures is that I was using Miranda 😀 an open source multi instant messaging software. The software is so customizable that I just had to take a couple of screenshot of it to show how awesome it is 😛

Hellsing BG

Hellsing BG

Chise BG

Chise BG

So that’s the whole story on thefellowsheep I think which lasted about a year before I moved on to another domain and another host.

On September 2003, I changed my domain to Aoi-Hikari.Net meaning Blue Light or something. Migrated from b2 to MovableType. The move was abit unexpected since it is very different language from b2. MT doesn’t use much SQLs. Most of the entries are stored via HTML and their files are all in CGI which I am very unfamiliar of. Having said that, what attracted me to MT was their pretty layouts and their Admin Panel . It wasn’t the same as before. I used MT version 2.6 and the latest version is 4.21. From the screenshots it kind of resembles the current WordPress’s Admin Panel too.

Aoi-Hikari wasn’t meant solely for blogging purpose. It was a site from an Anime fans to other fans. It became a community site with forums and a place to download latest episodes of Animes. As the name tells you, the site’s background is blue 🙂

Aoi-Hikari Button

Aoi-Hikari Button

The official Aoi-Hikari’s button made by one of the community member, Nee. Besides the button, there’s also a cool splash page made. Here’s how it looked like.

Aoi Banner

Aoi Banner

I did mention about having a blog at Aoi-Hikari too didn’t I? It was at I was such a Saikano fan at that time that I just had to create one with that name! But it was still short lived because I only managed to get 3 layouts done on that site.

Saikano 1st Layout

Saikano 1st BG

Saikano 2nd BG

Saikano 2nd BG

KGNE Layout


First Saikano’s layout was filled with black a sign of some emotional depression titled kanashii na? really sucked. Links on that layout was on the grey Kanji character. Made me and the visitors really clueless, LOL.

The second one which I thought the most beautiful layout I’ve constructed on MT called Shuji Dreams. I even made a whole post on what the background picture really meant to me. Although the background was totally awesome, the entries are in white color meaning totally invisible to the readers which had to highlight the words in order to actually read it, LOL.

Third and last is from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (The Eternity You Wish For). Another serie that had a big impact on me especially in the 2nd episode! Picture shows a thousand words but at first glance it shows friendship between two best friends. One’s a shy and quite unreliable and the other the total opposite. Not really sure why I chose this picture, must’ve had ran out of ideas 😦 Or could be because I was getting into some kind of monkey type relation with another girl that I hate now ><

So that’s some history on how I got into the world of blog. There’s still abit left to write about on how I moved from Aoi-Hikari to Hisyam Dot Com and using WordPress but I won’t be writing on that. Reason being I didn’t take any screenshots.


2 responses to “Blogging History

  • sunsetterxxx

    First of all:

    >”unlike most of my other friends who flew to Australia on their 1st intake, I got into the 2nd one.”

    I hate those situations >< must have been difficult for you. but it’s funny ’cause when time passes and u look at those things in retrospective you realized you gained something in exchange lol, that’s why I always say that loss brings profit and profit brings some kind of loss.

    Second: You have a really long story with blogging… You mention frontpage is like the most amateur tool… I wish I could use at least frontpage lol… I used to play with it when I was younger but never fully got it.

  • Hisyam

    Yup, now I’ve lost contact with some of my high school friends due to this.
    Frontpage is OK for beginners but very limited in functionality. What I normally do is take some other people’s code and changed abit or more to suite what I like 😛

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