Wrath of the Lich King Beta Scams

For some reason I decided to continue playing World of Warcraft again. Last played the game was on 27th May 2008 since then once in a while I visit WoWInsider for news on WOTLK expansion pack. Having the interest on getting WoW back, I checked some of the videos posted on YouTube .

I found some interesting videos telling on how you can get in the BETA expansion pack for free. WoW fans aren’t going to miss this opportunity right?  Already opted-in for the BETA via my account management page, I still don’t get any mails in getting in the BETA.  The same thing goes when I applied for Warhammer and Age of Conan BETA 😦 I have no luck at all.

After watching some of the videos like this , this and this one might be inclined to think that it’s true not to mention some of the comments supporting the video. Clicking on the links given by the video will send you to here or here . A single glance and you’ll think this might just be your lucky day! The page in those links is almost or very identical to the original one. Clicking on “Upgrade Account” page will bring you to typing you Existing WoW Username & Password . This is the part where it gets very  fishy.  On top of that the domain name is registered under “http://h1.ripway.com” . Mind you an unsecured page! If you are familiar with WoW’s page when it comes to personal management stuff the domain will be under Blizzard and using HTTPS.

Don’t get OWNED and let your Username/Password taken by a scamming site! I hope YouTube does something to prevent videos scamming like these happening in the future.

On another note, WoW accepts Al-Radji visa debit card for game time. I subscribed for 1 month recurring but had forgotten that my WoW files are on my external harddisk that I left at my office. WTF!

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