KFC Not so FastFood ?

A couple of days ago, after work I felt kind of hungry and went to KFC at Kota Damansara for a late supper.  Since it was already late, arrived 11pm there I used the Drive-thru service thinking that I could get my food fast and get back home as soon as possible. There were only 2 cars infront of me so that shouldn’t take long right? I was dead wrong.

Each car took like 10-15minutes and when it was finally my turn it was already 11.30pm. While waiting, I turned off the air-con, lights and wind down my car door window because my petrol was almost gone >.< I didn’t even take the menu and just ordered 2 Meltz combo meal as soon as I saw the cashier’s face. The first thing I got was my 2 Pepsi, a few minutes later 2 Cheezy Wedges, ok so far so good yeah. After that the cashier told me to wait at the front parking lot for the 2 Meltz. Asked here how long and she said 5 minutes. WTF why can’t you tell me before handing out those stuff to me so I could order something else. TERRIBLE. Fortunately the 2 Meltz did arrive 5 minutes later! In the end it took 45minutes just to get my 2 Meltz combo meal.

I am not sure why KFC at Kota Damansara Drive-thru service is very slow. This isn’t the first time. Previously the cashier forgot to put napkin paper in and before that I had to asked them for the sauces and also have them separate the 4 chickens into 2 boxes. WTF man, I ordered two 2 pieces of Hot & Spicy chickens and you were trying to be a cheapskate by putting 4 chickens inside 1 box. Seriously, the next time if I ever going to eat anything from KFC, I’ll just go to the one at TTDI or buy something at McDonald.

Oh and I got my external harddisk back! Time to update my WoW but 1.2 gb OMG?

WoW 3 Patch

WoW 3 Patch

4 responses to “KFC Not so FastFood ?

  • sunsetterxxx

    I don’t go to KFC since my little cousin got sick from eating their stuff lol.

    PS: Yeah, go to McDonald’s. Buy their (I’m guessing they sell them everywhere and not just here) “burritos”… They are great.

  • Hisyam

    there are no burritos here in Malaysia’s McDonald :S

  • sunsetterxxx

    what a shame.. btw I love junk food lol it’s like… one of my favorite food categories in spite of being just chunk of carbohydrates, fat, sugar and salt: yummi!

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