Far Cry 2 Hotfix Benchmarks

ATI has released Catalyst 8.10 Hotfix driver for Far Cry 2 on the 18th October 2008. Notes can be found here.

This Hotfix improves performance for the DirectX 9 version of Far Cry 2 on CrossFireâ„¢ compatible systems.
This Hotfix also improves performance for the DirectX 10 version of Far Cry 2 on both single and CrossFireâ„¢ compatible systems.

I didn’t post about this earlier because I just got the game yesterday.

Far Cry 2 gameplay revolves around the player character’s quest for the notorious Jackal, a war supporting weapons dealer, through a fictional region of Africa and is open-ended, with the player being able to ally with anyone he/she chooses. The player’s choices are completely unfettered, giving a sandbox style of gameplay and allowing the story to progress at the speed the player chooses.[7][dubious ]The player can choose from a wide range of weapons to make his way to the target, accomodating play styles ranging from head-on assaults to stealthy infiltrations. Instead of using individual maps, the game takes place in a sprawling African landscape, with terrain ranging from savannah to jungle.[8] The gameplay area is 50 km2 (20 sq miles).


It had mixed results. Some say the gameplay is boring with repetitive quests or something like STALKER. Another said the graphic compared to Crysis is very mediocre. I’ve not played the game yet but have gone through the intro. Meaning I am not able to comment much about it as of now. Anyway, lets get to the point and do some benchmarks using the included Far Cry 2 benchmark’s tool.

FarCry2 Before Fix-1

FarCry2 Before Fix-2

From the graphs I am only getting around 37 FPS with my current rig. That can’t be right. Even when the benchmark was running the video was very jerky. Felt very disappointed especially when you have 4870×2.

This is before installing hotfix and without any Anti-Aliasing. Very poor result right.

So yesterday I installed the hotfix and the result was very impressive! Check out the picture below!

FarCry 2 Hotfix-1

FarCry 2 Hotfix-2
From 37FPS and jumps to almost 70 FPS ! That’s almost double the FPS gain by just applying the hotfix! How awesome can ATI be 😛 Now these graphs are with “Very High” DX 10 setting. Next will be on “Ultra High” with 3 different demo runs on small, medium and long, 1680×1050 resolution and 2xAnti-Aliasing.

* Average Framerate: 69.29
* Max. Framerate: 103.31
* Min. Framerate: 46.06

* Average Framerate: 78.01
* Max. Framerate: 146.41
* Min. Framerate: 44.95

* Average Framerate: 76.40
* Max. Framerate: 143.09
* Min. Framerate: 44.05

Conclusion, Far Cry 2’s graphic isn’t demanding as Crysis is but through out the demo runs, it is pretty obvious why as the details aren’t intensive as Crysis. But graphic isn’t everything.

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