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DiGi in OU

DiGi’s massive attraction in One Utama last sunday. WTF?


Stupid Ignorant Customers

This is the 2nd part of the customers that I have to dealt with when I’m at my work place but this time it’s the handphone shop. Why am I in the handphone shop blogging? Simple, my staff didn’t come because she’s sick 🙄 I got here at 2PM after banking a few k’s of cash to DiGi’s distro. Waited for their office boy to send me the prepaid coupons, I rushed to Bangsar.

Already 3PM at that time I thought it’d be wise to just take the highway because there’ll always be traffic jams infront of One Utama’s fly-over at that hour. With balance of only 50cents in my touch ‘n go card I had to reverse and use the cash only booth after getting the “Baki Kurang” sign hahaha. Getting the toll ticket is fine but when paying, damn! The wait is slower than not using the highway! Took almost 1 hour to just get from my place to Bangsar when normally it only takes half an hour. Need to remind myself to top up the card but my savings only have RM50 left :vangry:

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10 Ringtones in My Cell

Here are 10 ringing tone songs plus 1 extra in my cellphone. As expected most of them are Japanese songs especially from Animes. Edited using Audacity a free audio editor and recorder. These songs are around 25-30 seconds long, just nice for those who are using prepaid lines and those with caller ringtones hehe. Normally Maxis or Celcom postpaid users can wait until 2 minutes long before it automatically cuts off.

Triangler RT – By Maaya Sakamoto from Macross Frontier

  • Opening theme song for Macross Frontier. Great song and singer but if you’ve watched the Music Video, OMG sucks to da max. Avoid watching it as much as possible.

Daybreak’s Bell RT – By L’Arc En Ciel from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 1

  • Opening theme song for Gundam 00. Great song which shows the tragic of war and the effects of it. Watch the music video. It’s awesome!

One RT – By Epik High Korean Band

  • One of the famous Korean bands out there. Hip-hop song featuring another artist name Jisun. Watch the music video, damn cool!

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Arsenal are SHIT!

Let’s face it, Arsenal can’t win the title this year. Lost 4 out of only 13 games. Most of them are mid or bottom table clubs. Biggest culprit is Arsene Wenger and dumbass Benthner. Has he score a goal yet this season in EPL? I don’t think so.

Please la Arsene, you got the money, just spend it on someone big! You want to rely on your youth and keep all the money to your self is it? Even if they are talented,skillful but without experience and strength they are still SHITTTTTTT.

Lost to Fulham, Hull City, Stoke City and now Aston Villa. WTF?

Players Ratings (ALL 0) for the Aston Villa match. -10 for Benthner.

more moaning at The Gooner Forum LOL

Lazy dumb customers?

So my dad owns a Mini Market at Desa Subang for I don’t know 3 years? Right now they are quiet in need of extra workers so occasionally I help as a cashier. The things that customers ask or do around that area is quite astonishing in an opposite way. But the one thing that irritates me the most is how the customers will take one or two items and put them in the counter’s lane.

Seriously, wtf? we have baskets and trolleys why don’t you guys use them? The Mini Market isn’t that “mini” size, it’s a 3-lot shop Mini Market with an air-cond and spacious alley. Why I hate them doing this? It’s blocking the damn other customers who are going to pay. Also, I’ll mistake those items from the other customer as the current ones who’s paying. Why do they keep doing this? Uneducated? Just plain lazy dumb. People provide baskets and trolleys service but they don’t utilize them. GG.

But as the saying goes, “Customers are always right”. Damn it!

E71 is FTW?

Not much update this couple of days. I just got my E71 Grey Steel Avaxx set from Renee. Actually bought from her 2 days ago but the first set had a problem when I put my U-Mobile simcard in that phone, it fails to recognise the memory card. WTH right? So I called her about the problem and she managed to get me a new set which so far is awesome!

I had N95 8GB before I gave it to my brother to use. The thing that dissapoints me the most about N95 8GB was the battery life. Very lame. Can’t even last 1 day. Even after I bought an extra battery. Original somemore from the Nokia shop. The GPS lock was also quite slow. Using E71 the locking was so fast. Ofcourse in offline mode.

So how much? It’s RM1650 :$: Didn’t I say I was not going to spend anything this month? :down:

Arsenal on News!

Yesterday was the match between Arsenal vs Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium. Everyone knows Arsenal won but I don’t see bloggers saying anything about this. Are they too ashamed or embarrassed about the result? LOL. Anyway, here is what the newspaper had to say before the match.

Broken GunArsene's Job Not For Life
Do or Die for The Gunners
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