My Top 10 Japanese Download Sites

Tattoo Kissu

This is my top favorite site just because the author of this site uploads stuff so fast! The minute something is up on torrent and few minutes/hour later it’s already in her site. Tattoo Kissu is powered by WordPress which makes it very easy to find, navigate and discuss on each releases.

Right now she has a few other uploaders to help especially on Mangas. Episodes series are neatly categorized to their respective titles and also status of which series is completed. Another great policy which I like about this site is by sticking on only 1 Fansubber on a series as possible. Preserving consistency on character names, fonts and translations is why the author does not mix them around. Although sometimes SpeedSubs are uploaded on the site, it is quickly removed by a better renowned group once it’s released.

A few things that get to me are the way the author renames all the files to a simple titles. Removing the FanSubbers and the CRC hash on the file name can sometimes makes you download the same file twice πŸ˜› Well the author’s reason to this is for easier management on what files have been uploaded on her MegaUpload’s account just because MegaUpload’s file management sucks!

Links are all hosted on MegaUpload πŸ™‚


A lightweight download site which combines Wikepedia and Tokyo Toshokan layout πŸ™‚ Very clean layout that displays the original file name, size and when it was added. The site covers on 4 medias: Fansubbed Anime, Raw Anime, Anime Music and Japanese Drama.

As of typing this site is serving almost 400 completed Anime series according to their page but I find that there are alot of duplicate entries especially on Gundam πŸ™„ and almost 100 on-going Anime series. Right now,  the only form of discussion on that site is by contacting the author via e-mail or by the small shoutbox on the left pane 😑

Hosted solely on MegaUpload


Another MegaUpload media hosted site called Cyber12. Not really sure what is or why it is called Cyber12 but all I know that it is a good site for those with slow download speed since they also offer a Low Quality version which is only around 55MB per file and fits in your PSP.

It is more of a community Anime portal site but also has abit of Japanese drama. I say abit because there are only 15 available series and their Drama forum section only has 3 topics :mrgreen: LOL. It is still one of my favorite site just because of their PSP encoded Animes and they use MegaUpload πŸ˜›

Worth to mention that this site updates weekly or sometimes bi-weekly. If you don’t mind waiting this site is pretty decent. More info on them at their FAQ.

Anime Take

Unlike other websites above, Anime Take provides MegaUpload links as well as Torrents for their viewers. This will help sharing with those without MegaUpload premium accounts or just hate MegaUpload to get their as well. As the name suggest, it only provides Animes and nothing else. Although not as lightweight as Get Fansub, the method of downloading from this site is very simple and direct. Just click on the Anime title or episode and you’ll be directed to the download links. No registration required.

Besides MegaUpload, files are also uploaded to other popular sites such as SendSpace, NetLoad, ZShare, and Depositfiles. Comments are enabled if you’d like to thank the author for uploading or critic the author for picking shitty fansubber 😐 Yeah, sometimes they tend to pick what ever comes first fansub episodes and quality second. That’s the only grudge. Other than that this site is awesome with almost 100 on-going series on their list πŸ˜€


Enough with MegaUpload and other free crap file hosting sites. We want a dedicated website that’s using a dedicated server to store their files. No need to install any 3rd-party toolbar crap. Otakuworks is pretty similar with Cyber12 but with a larger library of Anime & Manga, no Japanese drama or Soundtracks.

Downloading files require you to register with them first. It takes only a minute so no need to worry about that. Navigation is pretty sleek. You have latest updated Anime & Manga on the left side (bolded word if I’m not mistaken is where there are unread comments) and some crappy nonrelated stuff posted by the Admins on the other. Besides that, you can also browse thru their Anime, Manga and Genre from the dropdown box above the “Latest Anime” section. Donating will remove all the ads and really you want to donate because the ads in there are very annoying.

The downside of this is you don’t have a clue on what’s the latest episode number on that series unless you click on it. What’s nice about Otakuworks is how they arrange their download page layout which displays alot of information regarding the series. It also shows the size of the file and which codec the file uses even without having to click on the download button. Which saves you  some trouble.

It used to be my number 1 place to download Animes but recently they’ve been slacking. Meaning how they upload episodes inconsistently. For example on Soul Eater. There’s an Xvid version and H264 version. That’s still okay but mixing several Fansubs on a series is really dumb! They have Rumble, Tadashi, Aero and Duotei. OMG what a tard! Some of the viewers don’t mind as long as they get to watch but hey I’ve learned some simple Japanese and if I notice errors on the translation that’ll really tick me off.

Another thing is how the Admin always asking people for donation LOL πŸ™„ One last thing about Otakuworks is they zip all their Animes 😈 Can be a good or a bad thing. Good is it makes sure that you’ve downloaded the whole file and acknowledge that the video is not broken. The bad is having to extract it, takes another space and delete the archive.

Sheep & Tiojar’s Anime Episodes

Sheep & Tiojar’s Anime Episodes is somewhat similar to GetFansub in terms of layout. No fancy graphics, just a black background and a table of Anime and Music contents. In order to leech, you’ll need to register but from my experience their login system is kind of buggy. Try it yourself and you’ll know what I mean πŸ™‚

They have 84 series of Anime hosted, quite small compared to the others but what’s cool about this site is their Music section and how you can cuztomize the table! Wanna listen to your favorite Opening or Ending Anime theme but too lazy to download the whole album? In this site, you can! Also provided is the lyric of the song in Romaji, Kanji and English so you can sing your lungs out πŸ˜€ There’s also a rating system so you’ll know which song to listen rated by other members.

There are several restrictions here though. You can only download 2 episodes every hour and can’t use any download accelerator software. To download their anime archive you’ll have to donate to them at least 1 dollar, that’s what I did πŸ˜›

Fansub TV

When I first visit Fansub TV I thought that they only provide streaming content but after browsing though I got the conclusion that TV is just nothing more than a top-level domain like .com or .net. Owned by VesiSign, .TV a new domain that promotes any websites that feature film, video & animation.

“Anime downloads, info, updates and discussions” describe what Fansub TV is all about though I can’t really find anything about info or updates. Discussions are on their episode comments and forums. Title infos are taken from AnimeNfo.

No registration required. Only 1 connection per download so their server don’t get hammered. This place is not for those who are looking for licensed US titles. Be sure to read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Anime Eden

Most of your questions about this site is answered in their FAQ. What is not answered is how freakingly large their Anime library collection is! ZOMGWTFBBQ. For each episode on a certain title they’ll have almost all version of every fansub group out there. Don’t believe me? You be the judge.

Free members won’t be able to download and get fast updates compared to those who donate. A complete comparison on donators benefits can be found here. The catch is to subscribing with them by paying USD 5 per month. I don’t really call it as donate simply because they are just really charging leechers just like MU and RS except subscribers can’t even upload on their server. And seems like their servers are having a major heachache as well. Not worth to get the premium status.

Nigihana (AznMedia)

Nigihana or formerly known as AznMedia is a very cool place to get the latest Japanese music videos and Japanese musics. My title says Top 10 Japanese not Top 10 Anime for this reason. The latest info and gossips on Japanese and Korean artists can also be found here.

In their forums, you can find direct links to Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese/Chinese dramas as well. The community also helps others by uploading their stuff mostly in MU and RS. Not much on Animes but those can be found elsewhere πŸ™‚


This is THE place to be if you are in an office, college, university or in other public cafes. A streaming anime website that not only lets you watch your favorite titles but also play some mini-flash games, watch Asian dramas, game clips, music videos, car stuff and also you can upload your AMVs here!

The video stream are very good in quality. There are 3 options to choose from Low Quality, High Quality and H264 which should be higher than high? Unlike YouTube, videos here are posted in full. Not like in YouTube where long episodes usually are separated by parts. The downside of this place is how they immediately remove videos that are licensed without warning or for no reason. Happened on Last Friends 😦 While I’d finished watching episode 9 and clicked on episode 10 suddenly all the series are gone. WTF?

More info about them here.

That’s pretty much about it. My Top 10 Japanese download sites. Writing any more and I’ll passed out since right now Arsenal is down 1-0 to Stoke City, OMG WTF?!


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