E71 is FTW?

Not much update this couple of days. I just got my E71 Grey Steel Avaxx set from Renee. Actually bought from her 2 days ago but the first set had a problem when I put my U-Mobile simcard in that phone, it fails to recognise the memory card. WTH right? So I called her about the problem and she managed to get me a new set which so far is awesome!

I had N95 8GB before I gave it to my brother to use. The thing that dissapoints me the most about N95 8GB was the battery life. Very lame. Can’t even last 1 day. Even after I bought an extra battery. Original somemore from the Nokia shop. The GPS lock was also quite slow. Using E71 the locking was so fast. Ofcourse in offline mode.

So how much? It’s RM1650 :$: Didn’t I say I was not going to spend anything this month? :down:


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