10 Ringtones in My Cell

Here are 10 ringing tone songs plus 1 extra in my cellphone. As expected most of them are Japanese songs especially from Animes. Edited using Audacity a free audio editor and recorder. These songs are around 25-30 seconds long, just nice for those who are using prepaid lines and those with caller ringtones hehe. Normally Maxis or Celcom postpaid users can wait until 2 minutes long before it automatically cuts off.

Triangler RT – By Maaya Sakamoto from Macross Frontier

  • Opening theme song for Macross Frontier. Great song and singer but if you’ve watched the Music Video, OMG sucks to da max. Avoid watching it as much as possible.

Daybreak’s Bell RT – By L’Arc En Ciel from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 1

  • Opening theme song for Gundam 00. Great song which shows the tragic of war and the effects of it. Watch the music video. It’s awesome!

One RT – By Epik High Korean Band

  • One of the famous Korean bands out there. Hip-hop song featuring another artist name Jisun. Watch the music video, damn cool!

God Knows RT – By Suzumiya Haruhi

  • If you’ve been watching Animes all your life, you can never miss this show. Suzumiya has been like a public icon for some reason. That hare-hare ending dance is so popular even the prisoners are practicing it!

Joint RT – By Mami Kawada from Shakugan No Shana

  • Very energetic,powerful song by Mami Kawada. Enough to wake you up if you set this as your alarm 😉

Nyan Nyan Song RT – By Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier

  • Perfect tone for your SMS alerts. People always think that it’s a Chinese song or something =/

O2 RT – By Orange Range from Code Geass

  • Famous for their song in Bleach, Orange Range did it again for Code Geass. The alternative Japanese rock band’s song for Code Geass is very fitting with the situation of both Lelouch and Nunnaly. Too bad there won’t be any more of Lelouch. Oh Zero requiem 😦

Your Gravitation RT – By Sun from Seto no Hanayome

  • Underrated Anime for god knows why. This show is so damn freaking funny and there’s not much harem or ecchi scene in it. Now waiting for the OVA 🙂 . YouTube’s showing both Sun & Lunar singing.

Find Me RT – By Yui

  • 3rd song from Yui’s 3rd album called I Loved Yesterday. It has a very beautiful chorus. The album’s been inside my car’s cd player for the longest time. No music video for this song =/
  • Sekai no dokoka dekitto
    (sugu ni mitsukete hoshii)
    Ano hi no atashi no youni
    (hayaku mitsukete hoshii)
    Namida korae nagara
    Genjitsu ni mayoi nagara
    Sagashite iru no tsugi no DOA wo…
    Find me

Tokyo RT – By Yui

  • Another one from Yui. It’s an old one. One of her first singles, actually her fourth, released on 2006 and made it to the From Me to You album. The song shows her feeling moving from her hometown to Tokyo.

Fall for You RT – By Secondhand Serenade

  • Everyone should know about this song. It’s been on the radio all the time. Nice emo song for your girl.

Yeah, so I hope you all like them. Just a reminder to watch the videos and if you like them, buy their album kthx!

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