Stupid Ignorant Customers

This is the 2nd part of the customers that I have to dealt with when I’m at my work place but this time it’s the handphone shop. Why am I in the handphone shop blogging? Simple, my staff didn’t come because she’s sick 🙄 I got here at 2PM after banking a few k’s of cash to DiGi’s distro. Waited for their office boy to send me the prepaid coupons, I rushed to Bangsar.

Already 3PM at that time I thought it’d be wise to just take the highway because there’ll always be traffic jams infront of One Utama’s fly-over at that hour. With balance of only 50cents in my touch ‘n go card I had to reverse and use the cash only booth after getting the “Baki Kurang” sign hahaha. Getting the toll ticket is fine but when paying, damn! The wait is slower than not using the highway! Took almost 1 hour to just get from my place to Bangsar when normally it only takes half an hour. Need to remind myself to top up the card but my savings only have RM50 left :vangry:

After trading 200pcs of RM10,10pcs of RM30 and 20pcs of RM50 DiGi prepaid coupons with 200pcs of RM10 Celcom + RM1281, I drove back to my shop and was greeted by this stupid customer. This customer bought the RM10 DiGi card and she scratched the back of the card along with the PIN code numbers. Seriously, how can you be so retarded to scratch so hard until the numbers become unreadable? Did you use a knife or scissors or what. Just scratch it gently with a coin la. That simple method also need to teach is it. It’s not the first time obviously.

Previously there was another  customer with the same problem and he scratched the card with what? His damn long ass fingernail! WTF? That’s not actually the problem but after telling us to replace the card that they retardedly spoil it themself. GG. That’s your problem la not mine! Why should I clean up your mess. My profit for that single card is only 40cents. So after I called the Dealer Service hotline they told me the customer has to go to the DiGi centre and get it replaced. I told the customer just let me reload using the flexi eload la but the retard dumb customer still wants another card. Talk about being a retard.

Another case, it was raining, a boy asked for a Maxis RM10 card. So ok, I gave it to him and he left. Few minutes later he came in with his mom. His mom was another retard making loud noise because the card I gave to his son can’t be used. Why can’t? The card was wet and the PIN code number became unreadable also. Is that my problem? When I first gave to your son it’s not wet ok. We got to know that the card got slip out of the boy’s hand and ofcourse la got wet because it was raining. That bitch tak puas hati and keep blaming on us. I told her just go to the Maxis centre and get it replaced but she refused. Still want us to give her a new card. Not our fault also we must replace it for them. What a sad life.

Just to get a 40cents of profit you have to deal with this kind of situation every now and then.

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