Monthly Archives: February 2009

Waiting for a debit card that actually works


We have the last payment on this account to be $11.95 on 2009-01-04 19:32:11.

Since then the following charges have been made to the account:

2009-01-11 – $10.95 for “My Crazy Domain Insane” through 2009-02-10.

2009-02-11 – $10.95 for “My Crazy Domain Insane” through 2009-03-10.

Can’t get my Maybank and Al-Rajhi Visa debit card to work with Paypal. Last week I applied for Public Bank Visa debit card after reading posts on blogs that it’s usable with Paypal. I’ll see how it goes and then pay the bill 😕


The tale of Yamada Taro

Tale of Yamada Taro

Watching that Japanese drama right now, on my last cd. Bought the vcd a few weeks ago. As it is vcd the quality is pretty bad when watching on a 42 inch lcd tv but still watchable.

The main actor is a guy from Arashi, Kazunari Ninomiya. A very heart warming story about a  guy who takes care of his 6 brothers and sisters. Its a teenage silly romantic comedy drama. Recommended if you’re bored since the plot is very easy to understand.