Monthly Archives: March 2009

Tommy Heavenly6 – Papermoon

One of Tommy’s (Tomoko) latest video music from Soul Eater. I love the TINMAN! So funny! XD


More Cards More Payment

All Paid

Finally I’ve settled the hosting payment after 3 months due. Couldn’t pay earlier because my Paypal balance is almost zero. Maybank and Al-Rajhi visa debit cards can’t be verified by Paypal. After almost 3 weeks I finally receive Public Bank Visa debit card this afternoon. Went to the nearest PB branch and deposited RM200 in this card. Few hours later…

32.85 USD = 121.316 MYR

RM200 – 121.3 = RM78.70 balance left ….sad, I need to find a cheaper webhost I think.

Omg Im back raiding!

Now I’m back raiding with Shidavere after missing most if not all the raid content during BC again as a fury warrior. Recently been promoted as a raider after the trial as they think that I’m geared enough. To be honest even with the best gear in the game it’s very difficult for melees especially to dps hard with bad latency. Not that I have the best gear at the moment. My current gear looks like this.

Anyway I bought Unreal Tournament 3 from Steam the other day since they cut it to $11.99 but the download keeps restarting. Still can’t get it to download completely, the highest it went was 63% and then goes back to 0% sad.

Still haven’t get the Public Bank Visa Debit Card 🙄