WoW Maintenance post

It’s tuesday meaning no WoW for 6-8 hours! OMG. fail. No yamcha today don’t know why. Good enough since I’m also broke.

Made a prank to Nabil and Wern earlier today lol! They thought my account got hacked because I didn’t reply to the channel since I was busy leveling my JC and made Nabil called me hahaha. Told him I was in OU when actually I was in the game. Made him emo /wrist.

Talking about JC my DK finally leveled both JC and Inscription to past 400 skill points! Awesome that I don’t have to farm that Sons of Holdir rep for the shoulder enchant and also nice dps gems! Most of the herbs to level Inscribe were bought off AH coz my druid herbalist is still low level. For JC my warrior had to farm almost all the ores like mad since the prices in AH for them are ridiculous except saronite. Well, had some fun killing off Pally/DK allies farmers in the same time while mining. That took off some pressure.

Still selling 60 days WoW gamecodes for RM95 or 3000 gold. Any takers?


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