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A Quater of Century

Posting on a newly bought Netbook which is an Acer D250. Abit hard to get used to the small keyboard and typing while watching anime on my pc. Cant concentrate coz this to aru majutsu no index episode is kinda messed up, lol.
Anyhow, decided on choosing the Acer model because of it’s slimness, the build quality and the keyboard button placements. The salesman was recomending the Asus 1000HE but it only comes in white, thicker and the right shift key is in awkward placing. The Acer black/grey silver looks much better although the battery life is not as much as the asus’.
Cheaper than the Asus by rm200 although I found out later that the guy marked up the Asus price by abit. Lucky didn’t get that one. Included with the Asus netbook were the cooling pad which i find really useful to keep my legs cool, mic and earphone, usb hub, usb mouse and the kensington lock.

On another note, I am still trying to translate Suzumiya Haruhi episode 8 in Malay. Hahaha, stupid I know. My Japanese isn’t good, English is bad and my Malay is weak. Why I thought of subbing in Malay is just because there aren’t that many groups doing it. I count only one in Tokyotosho. I don’t blame them since after half length of the Haruhi episode I found myself using weird weird Malay. They way Japanese people talk is totally different from the Malay I know. What Im trying to do is using normal everyday spoken Malay and not like words coming from the dictionary. Still, its hard to think of the words..hmm. Reason is I talk in Malay but my mind says in English even when I talk to myself.

Before I end, Animax on Astro will be showing Hayate no Gotoku S1 next month! Shakugan no Shana S2 in July. Can’t wait to watch again Hayate’s puns on a 42″ lcd tv. Too bad not in High Def.


My Top 10 Japanese Download Sites

Tattoo Kissu

This is my top favorite site just because the author of this site uploads stuff so fast! The minute something is up on torrent and few minutes/hour later it’s already in her site. Tattoo Kissu is powered by WordPress which makes it very easy to find, navigate and discuss on each releases.

Right now she has a few other uploaders to help especially on Mangas. Episodes series are neatly categorized to their respective titles and also status of which series is completed. Another great policy which I like about this site is by sticking on only 1 Fansubber on a series as possible. Preserving consistency on character names, fonts and translations is why the author does not mix them around. Although sometimes SpeedSubs are uploaded on the site, it is quickly removed by a better renowned group once it’s released.

A few things that get to me are the way the author renames all the files to a simple titles. Removing the FanSubbers and the CRC hash on the file name can sometimes makes you download the same file twice 😛 Well the author’s reason to this is for easier management on what files have been uploaded on her MegaUpload’s account just because MegaUpload’s file management sucks!

Links are all hosted on MegaUpload 🙂

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Dragon Ball Live Action Clip!

A brand new to me Dragonball clip has surfaced online. And it’s a whole 16 seconds long! That’s right, get ready for 16 seconds of nothing awesome at all. This should help prepare you for the entire 90 minutes of nothing awesome at all when this “movie” hits theaters.

Latino Review

ITS OVER 9000!!!! milliseconds ><

More info on Dragonball The Movie website.

Blogging History

I started out of boredom 1 day on 2003. I was 18 that year, after finishing my South Australia’s Matriculation from Taylor’s College. After getting my result, unlike most of my other friends who flew to Australia on their 1st intake, I got into the 2nd one. There was 7 months of free time and that made me getting involved in this blogging world.

The first place that helped me getting on was Blogger. It was so easy to use. Register, and you’re ready to go.

1st Blog Layout

1st Blog Layout

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anime mesti tonton

macross frontier

code geass r2

that is all

Cool Japan

Danny Choo

A site that’s full of Moeeeeeeeeee. Very informative, just like slashdot

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LoL Note

This video is full of lol!