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Shop til I drop!

It’s June, half a year through 2009 and I’m 25. So it’s the beginning of the month and again, I’m broke. Spent RM1499 for the netbook plus another rm85 for ram upgrade and rm132 for the extra 1 year warranty. Not only that, I just bought 2 PS3 games yesterday! Oh halp! Well it’s a used one so the hole isn’t as deep with getting a new one. Valkyria Chronicles R1 an RPG, Strategy action turn based game and Disgaea 3 a simple Final Fantasy like game both for RM250. Consider it ok if u think it I get rm125 for each when new games are selling around rm200.

Netbook & PS3 Games

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WoW Maintenance post

It’s tuesday meaning no WoW for 6-8 hours! OMG. fail. No yamcha today don’t know why. Good enough since I’m also broke.

Made a prank to Nabil and Wern earlier today lol! They thought my account got hacked because I didn’t reply to the channel since I was busy leveling my JC and made Nabil called me hahaha. Told him I was in OU when actually I was in the game. Made him emo /wrist.

Talking about JC my DK finally leveled both JC and Inscription to past 400 skill points! Awesome that I don’t have to farm that Sons of Holdir rep for the shoulder enchant and also nice dps gems! Most of the herbs to level Inscribe were bought off AH coz my druid herbalist is still low level. For JC my warrior had to farm almost all the ores like mad since the prices in AH for them are ridiculous except saronite. Well, had some fun killing off Pally/DK allies farmers in the same time while mining. That took off some pressure.

Still selling 60 days WoW gamecodes for RM95 or 3000 gold. Any takers?

QQ Meeting

Tuesday was another day that we WoW players go out and meet up, then talk about WoW somemore lol. Our usual place is Sri Hartamas. Although there’s no downtime or maintenance during that night we still insist on the meeting. This Tuesday wasn’t just like any normal Tuesdays just because Yak ordered a new phone from me. Nokia E71!  Also Momo’s birthday yesterday!

Meet up at Spicy! and I had Nasi Lemak Ayam eventho I’ve already eaten Nasi Paprik at Juara Tom Yam an hour earlier. Our discussion this week is the norm QQing. Like how we got tapau during the last Futsal game, someone /gquit and the crazy weather during F1 Sepang. But what bothers me was the Malay group beside us that were drinking beers. Roughly their age around 20 I think. ish ish ish dunno what to say man. I only drink Nescafe Tarik there in Decanters lol.

After that I got back home, play WoW abit while waiting for Arsenal vs Villareal match. Ended up 1-1 draw. Arsenal played like shit..only 1 striker? Cannot make it man.
Check out my WoW character in 3D! Epic siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lolsssss
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Omg Im back raiding!

Now I’m back raiding with Shidavere after missing most if not all the raid content during BC again as a fury warrior. Recently been promoted as a raider after the trial as they think that I’m geared enough. To be honest even with the best gear in the game it’s very difficult for melees especially to dps hard with bad latency. Not that I have the best gear at the moment. My current gear looks like this.

Anyway I bought Unreal Tournament 3 from Steam the other day since they cut it to $11.99 but the download keeps restarting. Still can’t get it to download completely, the highest it went was 63% and then goes back to 0% sad.

Still haven’t get the Public Bank Visa Debit Card 🙄

The Sweetness of Vanilla WoW Part 1

The latest World of Warcraft expansion called “Wrath of the Lich King” was released on the 14th November 2008. Only the 2nd expansion after “Burning Crusade” after 4 years. In this 4 years a total of 11 million subscribers (including chinese farmers,bots,inactive players who’ve forgotten to cancel their subs) have played Blizzard’s most popular game and also the most popular MMORPG to date. WoW has made people gone nuts in real life. Alot of videos out there are also inspired by this game with an episode on South Park (Make love not War), The Guild, PurePwnage for example. Their latest expansion even broke record sales on GameStop/EB Games like 2.8 million copies sold in 1 day! WoWInsider and NeoWin have more on that. I am excluded from that since my budget for last month was really tight. I did get mine a week later though on the 26/11 LOL. Bought it online from OffGamers.

Oh, World of Warcraft how I still remember the good old days. The original hard copy I bought was from someone at Midvalley Megamall for RM150. I can’t really recall which year was that but I think it was 3 years ago. I’ve played few online games before WoW which was Ragnarok Online, ROSE online, Guild Wars and Final Fantasy XI. Recently it’s Age of Conan and WarHammer.

This just my opinion towards the games I played. Final Fantasy XI is great. I love their animation, character, the BGM and their players. Oh, and also the community, and the option you have before playing the game. You can log on to a chat room, check wallpapers, latest news and stuff. It was so much fun. What made me leave? The XP penalty when you died. OMG WTF? and it’s hard to solo the mobs 😦 . There was one time when I was a newbie black mage, there was another player who helped me kill stuff and even gave me money to upgrade my gears. LOL nice! So touched! But yeah, it was really hard to level in my opinion. The scenary in FFXI was also awesome if I have to add.

Ragnarok Online, full of bots. Not fun. ROSE online was OK, but in order to sell stuff you actually have to set up your shop and AFK while waiting for people to buy stuff from you. That lead to a massive lag issues in towns hahaha. And one day they decided to restart their game and all those high level characters will need to level their character from scratch again, screw that. Guild Wars, not my type, although it’s free and the spell,character,zone graphics were really nice it feels empty as you have to group with other players for quests. If you don’t you’ll need to hire 4-5 other AI’s to help you. So like every zone is like an instance and not like open world concept.

WTF Que?!

Position in Que: 583

Calculating: 45-30 minutes wait time!

Ninja Post!!

Quantum of Solace 679GB?!

Can you be the next James Bond? Coldly efficient?dangerous?the new Bond is the ultimate weapon in today’s ruthless world of international espionage. Blending first person shooting and third person action, Quantum of Solace puts you in control of Bond’s greatest weapon?his mind. You must think like Bond and intelligently use the map and situation to your advantage. Confront enemies in a variety of ways: take them head on, fire from behind cover or sneak up silently and eliminate them with a variety of special takedown moves. Based on Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace the Game puts you in the dangerous world of international espionage and intrigue. [S]

Quantum of Solace the game file size is 697GB! WTF?! 😕 Caught my attention while I was flipping through News Strait Time‘s Tech&You section. What were the editors of NST doing? :vangry: