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KFC Not so FastFood ?

A couple of days ago, after work I felt kind of hungry and went to KFC at Kota Damansara for a late supper.  Since it was already late, arrived 11pm there I used the Drive-thru service thinking that I could get my food fast and get back home as soon as possible. There were only 2 cars infront of me so that shouldn’t take long right? I was dead wrong.

Each car took like 10-15minutes and when it was finally my turn it was already 11.30pm. While waiting, I turned off the air-con, lights and wind down my car door window because my petrol was almost gone >.< I didn’t even take the menu and just ordered 2 Meltz combo meal as soon as I saw the cashier’s face. The first thing I got was my 2 Pepsi, a few minutes later 2 Cheezy Wedges, ok so far so good yeah. After that the cashier told me to wait at the front parking lot for the 2 Meltz. Asked here how long and she said 5 minutes. WTF why can’t you tell me before handing out those stuff to me so I could order something else. TERRIBLE. Fortunately the 2 Meltz did arrive 5 minutes later! In the end it took 45minutes just to get my 2 Meltz combo meal.

I am not sure why KFC at Kota Damansara Drive-thru service is very slow. This isn’t the first time. Previously the cashier forgot to put napkin paper in and before that I had to asked them for the sauces and also have them separate the 4 chickens into 2 boxes. WTF man, I ordered two 2 pieces of Hot & Spicy chickens and you were trying to be a cheapskate by putting 4 chickens inside 1 box. Seriously, the next time if I ever going to eat anything from KFC, I’ll just go to the one at TTDI or buy something at McDonald.

Oh and I got my external harddisk back! Time to update my WoW but 1.2 gb OMG?

WoW 3 Patch

WoW 3 Patch


Blogging History

I started out of boredom 1 day on 2003. I was 18 that year, after finishing my South Australia’s Matriculation from Taylor’s College. After getting my result, unlike most of my other friends who flew to Australia on their 1st intake, I got into the 2nd one. There was 7 months of free time and that made me getting involved in this blogging world.

The first place that helped me getting on was Blogger. It was so easy to use. Register, and you’re ready to go.

1st Blog Layout

1st Blog Layout

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Hisyam Dot Com is Back!

Hisyam Dot Com is alive! Actually the reason why it was temporarily dead is because I didn’t pay my previous host money to extend my account with them. The domain is not dead because I paid 10 years for it! From 2004 until 2014 😀

So at first I thought backing up all my entries to this new host would take me 4 days but eventually I was fast enought that it only took 2 days. The previous database is using WordPress 1.5 and another problem is with my current host, they renamed my WordPress database to something like wp_random_post , that’s why I was having some hard time backing up the entries.
Most of the comments have gone haywire because of the comment and post ID mixed up. That’s the least of my concern. As long as I got my memories back, all is good. Was very lucky enough to find my WordPress database on my long abandoned Compaq laptop. Sikyi was using it alot while I was in Adelaide. Battery’s still good. Only thing I have to do for my laptop is updating the Windows.

Not alot of entries during 2006. I reckon that’s when my account with Surpass Hosting died. Why am I back to blogging? Nao-chan encouraged and motivated me so here I am once again, talking crap about my life!

Work Emotion 17″ Rims

Before I forget. Yesterday me and my brother went out to Sunday to survey a new rims for my Mazda3. Ended up getting a Work Emotion 17″ Rims replacing the original 16″.

Everything costs RM3340 after trading in the old tyres and rims. Rims cost RM425x4, Michelin 205/45 tyres RM450x4 plus other extras. While waiting for them to change the rims & tyres, there was 3 person conducting some survey on my car. Had to answer around 50 questions haha. But it’s worth it because they gave me RM30 for it :P  . All that took around 3- hours alone.

The Rims are replicas, not originals. No money for the originals >.<

Promised Nadia to catch a movie at Sunday Pyramid but the traffic jam got on the way . Sorry.

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animes gone T_T

that’s what happened when u try to switch your raid0 drives to a different motherboard.

i was using gigabyte sata raid from x48-dq6 board with some 200gigs of files out of 640gigs. but 2 days ago i bought a new board (Tpower I45) and now using the Intel raidchip, the files are gone coz have to format it T_T

sad have extra pc hooked on an lcd tv to watch my ‘old’ animes…….damn it have to redownload again T_T

i was too lazy to take out those harddisk to put on gigabyte board. too much hassle. 1 reason why having raid0 sucks!

what the

im still posting? lol, all my previous posts are gone T_T

Koi or Carp?

Who cares, right?
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