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Shop til I drop!

It’s June, half a year through 2009 and I’m 25. So it’s the beginning of the month and again, I’m broke. Spent RM1499 for the netbook plus another rm85 for ram upgrade and rm132 for the extra 1 year warranty. Not only that, I just bought 2 PS3 games yesterday! Oh halp! Well it’s a used one so the hole isn’t as deep with getting a new one. Valkyria Chronicles R1 an RPG, Strategy action turn based game and Disgaea 3 a simple Final Fantasy like game both for RM250. Consider it ok if u think it I get rm125 for each when new games are selling around rm200.

Netbook & PS3 Games

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A Quater of Century

Posting on a newly bought Netbook which is an Acer D250. Abit hard to get used to the small keyboard and typing while watching anime on my pc. Cant concentrate coz this to aru majutsu no index episode is kinda messed up, lol.
Anyhow, decided on choosing the Acer model because of it’s slimness, the build quality and the keyboard button placements. The salesman was recomending the Asus 1000HE but it only comes in white, thicker and the right shift key is in awkward placing. The Acer black/grey silver looks much better although the battery life is not as much as the asus’.
Cheaper than the Asus by rm200 although I found out later that the guy marked up the Asus price by abit. Lucky didn’t get that one. Included with the Asus netbook were the cooling pad which i find really useful to keep my legs cool, mic and earphone, usb hub, usb mouse and the kensington lock.

On another note, I am still trying to translate Suzumiya Haruhi episode 8 in Malay. Hahaha, stupid I know. My Japanese isn’t good, English is bad and my Malay is weak. Why I thought of subbing in Malay is just because there aren’t that many groups doing it. I count only one in Tokyotosho. I don’t blame them since after half length of the Haruhi episode I found myself using weird weird Malay. They way Japanese people talk is totally different from the Malay I know. What Im trying to do is using normal everyday spoken Malay and not like words coming from the dictionary. Still, its hard to think of the words..hmm. Reason is I talk in Malay but my mind says in English even when I talk to myself.

Before I end, Animax on Astro will be showing Hayate no Gotoku S1 next month! Shakugan no Shana S2 in July. Can’t wait to watch again Hayate’s puns on a 42″ lcd tv. Too bad not in High Def.

WoW Maintenance post

It’s tuesday meaning no WoW for 6-8 hours! OMG. fail. No yamcha today don’t know why. Good enough since I’m also broke.

Made a prank to Nabil and Wern earlier today lol! They thought my account got hacked because I didn’t reply to the channel since I was busy leveling my JC and made Nabil called me hahaha. Told him I was in OU when actually I was in the game. Made him emo /wrist.

Talking about JC my DK finally leveled both JC and Inscription to past 400 skill points! Awesome that I don’t have to farm that Sons of Holdir rep for the shoulder enchant and also nice dps gems! Most of the herbs to level Inscribe were bought off AH coz my druid herbalist is still low level. For JC my warrior had to farm almost all the ores like mad since the prices in AH for them are ridiculous except saronite. Well, had some fun killing off Pally/DK allies farmers in the same time while mining. That took off some pressure.

Still selling 60 days WoW gamecodes for RM95 or 3000 gold. Any takers?

Where’s my Public Bank visa statement?

Still waiting for my last month’s statement. It’s already the 8th of April and I should’ve gotten it on the 5th. Need it ASAP because I need to verify my Paypal account to buy stuff!

More Cards More Payment

All Paid

Finally I’ve settled the hosting payment after 3 months due. Couldn’t pay earlier because my Paypal balance is almost zero. Maybank and Al-Rajhi visa debit cards can’t be verified by Paypal. After almost 3 weeks I finally receive Public Bank Visa debit card this afternoon. Went to the nearest PB branch and deposited RM200 in this card. Few hours later…

32.85 USD = 121.316 MYR

RM200 – 121.3 = RM78.70 balance left ….sad, I need to find a cheaper webhost I think.

Waiting for a debit card that actually works


We have the last payment on this account to be $11.95 on 2009-01-04 19:32:11.

Since then the following charges have been made to the account:

2009-01-11 – $10.95 for “My Crazy Domain Insane” through 2009-02-10.

2009-02-11 – $10.95 for “My Crazy Domain Insane” through 2009-03-10.

Can’t get my Maybank and Al-Rajhi Visa debit card to work with Paypal. Last week I applied for Public Bank Visa debit card after reading posts on blogs that it’s usable with Paypal. I’ll see how it goes and then pay the bill 😕

Stupid Ignorant Customers

This is the 2nd part of the customers that I have to dealt with when I’m at my work place but this time it’s the handphone shop. Why am I in the handphone shop blogging? Simple, my staff didn’t come because she’s sick 🙄 I got here at 2PM after banking a few k’s of cash to DiGi’s distro. Waited for their office boy to send me the prepaid coupons, I rushed to Bangsar.

Already 3PM at that time I thought it’d be wise to just take the highway because there’ll always be traffic jams infront of One Utama’s fly-over at that hour. With balance of only 50cents in my touch ‘n go card I had to reverse and use the cash only booth after getting the “Baki Kurang” sign hahaha. Getting the toll ticket is fine but when paying, damn! The wait is slower than not using the highway! Took almost 1 hour to just get from my place to Bangsar when normally it only takes half an hour. Need to remind myself to top up the card but my savings only have RM50 left :vangry:

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