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Arsenal are SHIT!

Let’s face it, Arsenal can’t win the title this year. Lost 4 out of only 13 games. Most of them are mid or bottom table clubs. Biggest culprit is Arsene Wenger and dumbass Benthner. Has he score a goal yet this season in EPL? I don’t think so.

Please la Arsene, you got the money, just spend it on someone big! You want to rely on your youth and keep all the money to your self is it? Even if they are talented,skillful but without experience and strength they are still SHITTTTTTT.

Lost to Fulham, Hull City, Stoke City and now Aston Villa. WTF?

Players Ratings (ALL 0) for the Aston Villa match. -10 for Benthner.

more moaning at The Gooner Forum LOL


Arsenal on News!

Yesterday was the match between Arsenal vs Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium. Everyone knows Arsenal won but I don’t see bloggers saying anything about this. Are they too ashamed or embarrassed about the result? LOL. Anyway, here is what the newspaper had to say before the match.

Broken GunArsene's Job Not For Life
Do or Die for The Gunners
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7 Girls and 1 Guy

I just got back from my friend’s sister’s wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda a couple hours ago. Me and my friends went there with 2 cars. Me, Ilya,Nabila and Karen in my car. Kay,Ummi,Ayesha and Nabihan on the other car.

1 table with me 1 guy and 7 other girls. What was Azlan thinking?! 🙄 Thanks Nabila and Ilya for showing me the alternate route to that place and sorry I drove like mad on the way back LOL. Thanks Kay for updating me with the Arsenal’s game. Thanks Azlan for inviting me to your sis’s kenduri kahwin.

Astro Messed Up this morning?

Okay, it’s 4.20AM right now and Astro is acting up! When I turn the decoder on I can see the info being displayed but no video and sound! When I tune into the radio channels I can hear the music. So strange and I am going to miss the Arsenal v Tottenham derby match! OMG WHY! I even turned off the decoder switch, removed the smart card and put it back and turn it on but still can’t watch any channel on Astro.

Now I’m being forced to follow the match via Soccernet‘s Live Commentary text update 😦

Anyone else having this problem? Help!

and the result is 4-4


Dead Devils

Man Utd 0 Bolton 1

Arsenal 2 Wigan 0

Go back?

1st of Syawal = Aidilfitri = No more fasting = EXAM!\r\n\r\nToo bored to blog at first and decided to read my past entries. Kept on clicking the related posts and found a post which is approximately a year from today. This is when Aidilfitri started after I finished my exam but this year, I hafta suffer longer. \r\nI really really wish I could go back in time and enjoy the good old days. Primary, secondary school days, especially. Those days were the best, no shit. Juz hav to fact the reality where life is shit right now. Should really thought of this before I made my mind to study in adelaide rite?\r\nOn the brighter side,,,,,\r\nI dont know, oh yea Arsenal beat Tottenham 5-4. That”s that and I knifed keplar 3 times and yesterday”s dinner was nasi himpit, kuah kacang, kari ayam + bawang. heeeeeeeebat!

Arsenal 3 – 0 Fulham : Unbeaten for 45 games!

Arsenal makes it number 45. They are they first team to win the first five premiership games. And its no wonder that every question is asking what it takes to beat a seemingly imprenable Arsenal fortress. Arsenal is the only team from the top three last year to win this weekend with Man Utd and Chelsea dropping points with a draw.

Just found out this new Arsenal news site. Should bookmark this and keep me updated by going there. Could use more pictures though. Where can I download Arsenal’s latest videos?!!
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Man Utd 2 Bolton 2
Chealsea 0 Villa 0
tsk tsk. Man Utd in NINTH position! LOL!