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Why DiGi 3g broadband service fails.

Fail Coverage

Why DiGi 3g’s broadband service fails is this. No coverage at my house. At least I know U-Mobile and Amax got my house covered.


More Streamyx rants

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Yahoo~!! My parents are back!!(16/3/2003) yeah back from mecca after performing their haj..finally i can eat proper food!! good old home cooking. im tired of eating outside.h0h0. As soon as my parents got back home, suddenly my uncles did some big dinner and almost all my relatives were at my house. That time my parents told me their experience while performing the haj..

yeah as expected it was very tiring but the experience was unforgetable. They said the things there are very cheap and a car with the same model costs half the price compared here…they bought some nifty stuff too hehe.

Lately my isp has gone berserk. This month alone i got disconnected almost a million times. The connections were unstable and very difficult to login. Even IF i manage to login, the line will disconnect after half an hour or so….aint that st00pid? Well, you can say its a useless broadband from a stupid isp? Heh, what can we do here, its the only isp that offers affordable broadband service, and they are monipolying the broadband service. Sometimes its even slower than 56k *sigh* . The only thing that made me chose this isp is bcoz its offering a flatrate fee. We dont have alot of choices do we? Is this what you call “Multimedia Super Coridor” aka Vision 2020 ?? What crap is this??

aH, i”ve been calling the tmnet”s customer service alot this month..complaining as usual. They changed the adsl port! argh!! why on earth do you have to change the port!! thats the last thing i want you guys to do!! Yeah, they called me about them changing the port..hours later guess what? My modem was dead. I just got to call them again *sigh* The lady said they will send a technician in 2 days. I said, weii thats too long, i can”t wait 2 days without internet ^-^ . Bah…but the technician came the next day..hoho. So they changed my modem to Hyundai from Aztech. The problem didnt stop there. After i got my modem connected, it seems like the receive light ain”t blinking…”this must be the tmnet”s server”s problem” the technician said..i told them this problem didnt happen before and only happen after the tmnet people changed my port.i told them to change it back to my old port…until now they havent changed my port..gotta call them again tomorrow XD