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CSS in Malaysia

No. Not Cascading Style Sheets. No. Not Card Captor Sakura. That’s CCS. What I mean is Counter Strike Source. I’ve never seen any people in Malaysia cyber cafe playing that game. Feels sad really.


1. You need to have a valid steam account to play the game.

2. NO MALAYSIAN SERVER. Okay, actually there are a few.

3. ISPs in Malaysia don’t provide gaming servers like in Australia.

4. Malaysians like to buy pirated games. Why should we play in cyber cafe if I have to pay for the game also. Wanna play CS Source LAN also need to buy original then only I can access the game.

Since Im so bored because there are no games on my brother”s PC, I installed CS Source couple of days ago to find out the only playable servers are in SG. Using 512kbps streamyx broadband and I get ping of around 100ms. Erm, de_dust and de_dust2 maps only. What the heck.


Marketing Presentation

Another bad week ends and a new Monday is here.

The only good thing I remember doing was presenting a practice marketing presentation to the class. Pretty good coz I did the work last minute *as usual* good thing I have help from Merlina’s past information on my assignment. The other groups had to present 2-3 sections of their assignment and I only had to do 1. Why? Coz Im no longer in a group damn it! My groupmates left me! Damn to the other 2 japanese girls good for nothing. Never rely on Japanese girls when it comes to studies, okay? I see that coming. So I did it alone and other groups gave me feedback, not bad. The only thing I lack is using the visual slides. I need them this Thursday for my final presentation.

Yesterday we went to Magil and played futsal. I cant remember the last time I play futsal, I guess even before I went bank back to KL, which is in September? Playing futsal during fasting hour, strong guy, managed to score only 1 goal when the keeper was missing and I was in the center court and shoot like roberto carlos except he’s a left legged and I used right. Most of the time I was being a keeper anyways.

Exam is coming but the people here are getting addicted playing CS:Source. Is it my fault that I introduced the game to them? Help them install the game? and teach them how to play? NOPE, nothing to do with me. Muahahaha. Is it my fault that I managed to KNIFE all of the Unit 4 ? *peace out*