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Why DiGi 3g broadband service fails.

Fail Coverage

Why DiGi 3g’s broadband service fails is this. No coverage at my house. At least I know U-Mobile and Amax got my house covered.


DiGi in OU

DiGi’s massive attraction in One Utama last sunday. WTF?

Stupid Ignorant Customers

This is the 2nd part of the customers that I have to dealt with when I’m at my work place but this time it’s the handphone shop. Why am I in the handphone shop blogging? Simple, my staff didn’t come because she’s sick 🙄 I got here at 2PM after banking a few k’s of cash to DiGi’s distro. Waited for their office boy to send me the prepaid coupons, I rushed to Bangsar.

Already 3PM at that time I thought it’d be wise to just take the highway because there’ll always be traffic jams infront of One Utama’s fly-over at that hour. With balance of only 50cents in my touch ‘n go card I had to reverse and use the cash only booth after getting the “Baki Kurang” sign hahaha. Getting the toll ticket is fine but when paying, damn! The wait is slower than not using the highway! Took almost 1 hour to just get from my place to Bangsar when normally it only takes half an hour. Need to remind myself to top up the card but my savings only have RM50 left :vangry:

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U-Mobile E-reload Service

Got a call from Grand Mobile which is one of U-Mobile’s distributor saying that their E-reload service will be up next month. Told me to register two U-Mobile number. One for the E-reload, another one is for the dealer’s to use and every month the number will get free RM50 credit (so low).

Sold 600 pieces of DiGi’s RM10 reload coupon for RM5820.

600pcs DiGi RM10

600pcs DiGi RM10

Dominated 6 people in TF2 today as an Engineer! Actually I got max 7 in that round but just before the round ended I got killed by one of the dominated guy 😦

Owned 6 people

Owned 6 people