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Leaving stuff behind

exam finish. I’m the earliest person to finish exam. hahahaha. 2 more days to go. Can’t wait. Need to pack up stuff. Hopefully can really go on tour to England or Japan!! say bye bye to my powe pc, power speakers, figurines, counter strike, animes. nasi lemak & roti canai awaits me.

Don’t know if Muneira & Nadia really going to goldcost or not.

Gonna make sure i take lots of pictures when I get back home. Not forgetting, have to watch Batman Begins also and Bewitched and renew my IC.


How great

I can”t check my exam result because the uni system states that I have not payed another AUD 300 of their fees. On the contrary, I have an invoice from them stating that I have paid all of the tuition fees which I did.\r\n2) The Maybank ATM machine which didn”t accept my maybank card ate my BankSA VISA card.\r\n3) My n-gage handphone got stolen by a pick pocket in a monorail.\r\n4) Spend almost rm1.5K coz I bought for my mom a nokia 7260 and paide neptune rm200 for my a year + haro haro clock\r\n\r\nAll happen in one day. How great.\r\nWeather is so hot and humid, making my face oily again, have to use facial wash again.

cant wait to go back home

exam almost over, last paper is on the 26th of november. after that no more exam. going back to kl on the 28th november. really can”t wait to get my body back in malaysia. din, my housemate already left yesterday. after him is nadia, 25th november, i”ll leave on 28 and nabil, sikyi, eugene, ina all in the same flight leaving adelaide on 9th december.\r\nmy legs are so tired. might be because i havent played futsal for a long time already. damn these legs need to exercise. maybe too much time spend in front of pc. legs not moving but only hands and eyes are.\r\noh yeah, that time, the night of raya, a day before my first exam, we celebrated at herdiman”s house. quite alot of foods and kuihs and people. not that bad actually, at least there were some ”hari raya” feeling. unlike last year where i spent my raya on my bed, yeah sad i know.\r\nand on the 20th of november, we all takde keje went to victoria square to see some performance, christmas tree and fireworks.\r\nI didn”t clearly notice this at first but australia really has no culture of its own. Yeah they”re gonna celebrate their christmas but the songs and stuff that were on victoria square the other day was all like from the united states. what can you say from a country full of convicts?

Go back?

1st of Syawal = Aidilfitri = No more fasting = EXAM!\r\n\r\nToo bored to blog at first and decided to read my past entries. Kept on clicking the related posts and found a post which is approximately a year from today. This is when Aidilfitri started after I finished my exam but this year, I hafta suffer longer. \r\nI really really wish I could go back in time and enjoy the good old days. Primary, secondary school days, especially. Those days were the best, no shit. Juz hav to fact the reality where life is shit right now. Should really thought of this before I made my mind to study in adelaide rite?\r\nOn the brighter side,,,,,\r\nI dont know, oh yea Arsenal beat Tottenham 5-4. That”s that and I knifed keplar 3 times and yesterday”s dinner was nasi himpit, kuah kacang, kari ayam + bawang. heeeeeeeebat!

Exam S2 2004

Swot Vac next week! I’ve been lazy! Sleeping all day! Lazy cam orang gila! argh!! damn i think I got this disease from din. Managed to go to Work n Org lecture but that’s that. Anyways, last week so there is nothing new to learn, just a review lecture.

  • Marketing Trading & Exchange – 15/11/2004
  • Statistical Analysis in Business – 18/11/2004
  • Work & Organisation – 23/11/2004
  • Business Application Programming – 26/11/2004

I am so dead this semester.

Damn Bush! and IE! My page is not xhtml valid only css valid. This page only looks the way I want in Firefox, IE screws my layout.

Assignment + Game

felt abit okay and refreshing after taking a nap for 5 hours because I didn’t sleep since thursday. Didn’t know I could finish the report all by myself, and a little bit of help from counter strike, gunbound, final fantasy xi and coffee. Don’t know how my report will end up like. In the trash or in the safe.

Anyhow, fasting month is here and so is exam and summer and games. Congrats to my sis for having a baby boy 2 days ago (14/10/2004). The baby’s name is??

I need some motivation.