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Facebook Phenomena

Everyone and their mother uses facebook. The first ever social networking site I used was community zero, after that was friendster. CZ was damn cool at that time where who can customize the page with flash and all. friendster just recently updated their page to be able to use css and add multimedia stuff. facebook page cant be customized yet. Just a matter of time I guess. but i prefer them to be that way, simple look.

facebook is a great place to connect and get updated but sometimes ppl are just taking advantage on how simple this thing gets you connected. for example on birthday wishes, ppl used to write you letters back on the old days, give birthday cards and wishing you happy birthday on the phone. if their cheap enough just by texting is considered lame. now ppl just write a simple 1 liner on your facebook wall on your birthday. no more cards, sms, phone calls. sigh.
same goes for their wedding ceremony. like how they just create an invitation “you have been invited to” bla bla rsvp, yes,no,maybe. Ppl are getting lazier by each year. Damn sad now how they arent even calling or sending their wedding cards anymore. I just want to say sorry if I dont reply to their invitations via facebook, it’s just lame. it feels like you’re nothing but a stranger.

One more thing that I find annoying is the freaking quizzes. I really hate those ppl who post their stupid lame retarded quiz results in bulk on 5-10 in 1 go. Damn spamming my screen since what I like to do on facebook is checking out pictures and status updates. Nice that they have that on the tab but its not on default rite? No one cares if you’re a nerd or gangster during highschool, when you’ll get rich or how you’ll end up in 10yrs time quizzes. They’re just freaking fictional answers and questions that don’t serve any purpose. Why waste time on those beats me.

Neways, times running out. Im on my netbook connected using Celcom prepaid broadband. Daily usage ends soon. Seems like Celcom is broadband is a good alternative when mobile with their vast coverage.