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Adblocker and Google Ads

I always wonder how on earth do bloggers get so much money by just putting Ads on their site? Most people I know or not know will use Firefox and will always have the Adblocker or Adblocker Plus plugin installed right away. From what I’ve read on Google’s Adsense help page it says

The Google ads you are able to display on your content pages can be either cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-1000-impressions (CPM) ads, while AdSense for search results pages show exclusively CPC ads. This means that advertisers pay either when users click on ads, or when the advertiser’s ad is shown on your site.

So seriously what if all of your viewers use those plugins. Where do you get all that money from? The only people that I think might be using Internet Explorer are those elderly people or maybe those who surf the web on public places such as cyber cafes or uni’s computer lab.

And yeah, Adblocker doesn’t just block the ads from being displayed, it even prevents them from being downloaded at all! What you can’t see can’t be clicked not to mention being shown as well. I get the feeling they’ll just click on the ads themself haha.


1st Hiatus notice


Not going to post anything for awhile. Redesigning my layout but still going to be based on K2. Ripping off someone else’s code is not that easy

-edit – stupid web browsers and their compability issues -_-” they won’t listen to my div and floats -_-” sikyi told me to use tables. damn i hate tables

isn’t there any other way? too bad, too many noobs are still using IE

-2nd edit– w00t! now my new layout looks good on FF and IE but there”s a problem with IE. A horizontal scrollbar appears out of no where. WTH?? It’s totally a mess in Opera

-3rd edit– haha fixed the stupid horizontal scrollbar bug. now it”s time to put pretty pictures inside.

Still using IE ??

Shame on you. Please get Firefox or else…

my page looks like shit.

Bright and Sunny day!

Good weather today. It was sunny and bright. I couldn”t let the day past just like that and managed to got off from the bed early *at noon*. Took a quick bath and everything and went to the city and switched bus and go to Unley road. Need to go to the agency”s office to pay the water bills. After that went back to the city to renew my medibank card. Since my card had expired long time ago I can”t do that, have to get a new one. So I brought my passport and everything. But the visa details inside the passport was too less detail. Can”t get a new medibank card. Bad luck. \r\nNext, City West campus. I wanna take back my Stats assignment and see how my result is. Ended up, the office closes at noon for every Tuesday. WTH?! Bad Luck.\r\nOk, ok nevermind, after all those not so good lucks, at least I get to confirm my flight ticket and seat. So that”s all manage to get things done when the day is sunny and bright!\r\n\r\nImportant dates \r\n

  • Nov 09 – Firefox 1.0
  • \r\n

  • Nov 16 – Half Life 2
  • \r\n

  • Nov 16 – NFSU – 2
  • \r\n

  • Nov 28 – BALIK!!
  • \r\n\r\nNew month, new desktop!\r\n\r\n\r\nnovemberdesktop\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

    Exam S2 2004

    Swot Vac next week! I’ve been lazy! Sleeping all day! Lazy cam orang gila! argh!! damn i think I got this disease from din. Managed to go to Work n Org lecture but that’s that. Anyways, last week so there is nothing new to learn, just a review lecture.

    • Marketing Trading & Exchange – 15/11/2004
    • Statistical Analysis in Business – 18/11/2004
    • Work & Organisation – 23/11/2004
    • Business Application Programming – 26/11/2004

    I am so dead this semester.

    Damn Bush! and IE! My page is not xhtml valid only css valid. This page only looks the way I want in Firefox, IE screws my layout.

    October to November

    Bored. So here’s my current desktop.
    Alot of games.
    – Gunbound
    – Final Fantasy Xi
    – Doom 3
    – Frozen Throne
    – Fifa 2005
    – Tony Hawk Underground 2
    – Counter Strike Source
    – The Sims 2
    – Ragnarok Online
    – Maple Story
    – Call of Duty Alliance Assault + United Offensive
    – Raven Shield
    – Tomb Raider
    To tell you the truth, I only play 3 or 4 games from those titles. Haha, too much games. Can’t play all at once, right?
    Another game in the list is Half Life 2. 16 November 2004.
    my computer
    Changed the visual them to look more like longhorn < – some codename for the next gen of window OS. Found a similar longhorn theme for Firefox but seems to be broken. I’ll just have to deal with the normal Firefox theme than.
    Talking about Firefox, they’ve just released version 1.0 RC1. Nearer to the final version 1.0 after each month.
    Another news is there’s the MSN Messenger version 7 new build for the public testers.

    Top fixes in this version:
    # Contact list spacing issues
    # Right click “Get this emoticon” on a Premium, i.e. Blue Mountain® emoticon will crash
    # “Sent” vs. “Send” when sending a nudge to an older client.
    # Pinned emoticons now shows 60/60.
    # Crying face emoticon 😥 and disappointed emoticon now appear differently in the emoticon dropdown.
    # Close and Minimize buttons are hidden only at the smallest width of the main window when in frameless mode.
    # And many more.

    Build 7.0.0332, using and loving it 🙂
    *still waiting for x800*
    oh yeah forgot to say, added the rss thingie so if sikyi post a new entry, the sidebar will be updated as well.