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7 Girls and 1 Guy

I just got back from my friend’s sister’s wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda a couple hours ago. Me and my friends went there with 2 cars. Me, Ilya,Nabila and Karen in my car. Kay,Ummi,Ayesha and Nabihan on the other car.

1 table with me 1 guy and 7 other girls. What was Azlan thinking?! 🙄 Thanks Nabila and Ilya for showing me the alternate route to that place and sorry I drove like mad on the way back LOL. Thanks Kay for updating me with the Arsenal’s game. Thanks Azlan for inviting me to your sis’s kenduri kahwin.


-breaking news!-not!-

Woke up early today..for my standard 8.30am is very early..

Got a hold on my fav newspaper “New Straits Times” …Front news.. Invaders a kiss away from Baghdad as they seize airport ….what worries me now is SARS ❗ …originately this virus is from China,Hongkong,Singapore…and now?! the virus is Here?? ….

now i really need to stay home…*which is better* on the other hand….i was too lazy reading worrying news early in the morning..that’ll spoil my day~Got me on another pullout…surprise surprise~~ my friends are talking nonsense in the news paper … angel

The Brotherhood

In primary school, Rossaili Islah Rohailan could never figure out where the school bus would decide to conceal itself next. When he spotted co-passenger, he made a pact with Johan Mohd Johan Mohd Jaafar, 18, to track the bus down daily. That’s when they discovered how much they had in common. “Even now, when we meet up, we may unintentionally come dressed identically. We both just happen to have the same tastes,” says Rossaili, 18, from Petaling Jaya. In fact, that same great taste also extends to music, sports, favourite foods and even girls. “That”s why we always get along with each others girlfriends. And we’d never fight over a girl. We make sure we have a ”strictly guys night out” from time to time,” adds Johan, from Kuala Lumpur. The duo boast that they are so in tune with one another that they can usually tell what the other is about to say, just from the others expression. Says Johan: “Rossaili is one of those jovial fellows, always with a ready smile and extremely funny. Best of all, he always fulfils a promise, no matter how small.”

Johan recalls the time when Rossaili took the rap for something he had done. They were both 14. “If I’d been caught, the punishment would have been much harsher. Rossaili had to scrub toilets and plates in the canteen. That meant a lot,” admits Johan. Rossaili in turn says that Johan is a very caring, intuitive person who has very high moral values. “There were times when I’d feel rotten – call it teen angst, and Johan would be there to support me. When there were financial worries, he would take me out for a meal or a movie treat. It wasn’t the money so much as the thought that really mattered,” says Rossaili. On their future, both boys admit that there would no doubt be other distractions and a reshuffling of priorities: a wife, a brood of kids and all other things associated with growing up. Says Johan: “But we’ll survive that. Just because we may not see each other, it won’t mean that we’d be lesser friends.”

yea….rite…no offence guys~~ you guys are the greatest friends I’ve met!! 😉