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The tale of Yamada Taro

Tale of Yamada Taro

Watching that Japanese drama right now, on my last cd. Bought the vcd a few weeks ago. As it is vcd the quality is pretty bad when watching on a 42 inch lcd tv but still watchable.

The main actor is a guy from Arashi, Kazunari Ninomiya. A very heart warming story about a  guy who takes care of his 6 brothers and sisters. Its a teenage silly romantic comedy drama. Recommended if you’re bored since the plot is very easy to understand.


10 Ringtones in My Cell

Here are 10 ringing tone songs plus 1 extra in my cellphone. As expected most of them are Japanese songs especially from Animes. Edited using Audacity a free audio editor and recorder. These songs are around 25-30 seconds long, just nice for those who are using prepaid lines and those with caller ringtones hehe. Normally Maxis or Celcom postpaid users can wait until 2 minutes long before it automatically cuts off.

Triangler RT – By Maaya Sakamoto from Macross Frontier

  • Opening theme song for Macross Frontier. Great song and singer but if you’ve watched the Music Video, OMG sucks to da max. Avoid watching it as much as possible.

Daybreak’s Bell RT – By L’Arc En Ciel from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 1

  • Opening theme song for Gundam 00. Great song which shows the tragic of war and the effects of it. Watch the music video. It’s awesome!

One RT – By Epik High Korean Band

  • One of the famous Korean bands out there. Hip-hop song featuring another artist name Jisun. Watch the music video, damn cool!

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Hana Yori Dango Movie at Sunway Pyramid

I didn’t get the chance to blog at all yesterday so this post will be talking about some things that happened yesterday. First of all, everyone and their grand mothers know that Barrack Obama became he 44th US President. Made history as the youngest and the first African-American to become one. Second, I went to Sunway Pyramid for the first time since their grand renovation to watch Hana Yori Dango with Nadia.

Before going there, we met near Muhibbah Restaurant and went there together with my car. The thing is yesterday my paycheck hasn’t cleared and my savings account only had RM24.90 LOL. In my wallet left less than RM50. No choice but to loan abit from my company’s money.

Fans of the “Hana Yori Dango” drama series will get one more chance to see the cast in action, as a movie has been announced for the summer of 2008. Titled “Hana Yori Dango Final,” the film is being described as the last chapter of the live-action adaptation.
This will be Mao Inoue’s first starring role in a movie. Jun Matsumoto, Shun Oguri, Shota Matsuda, and Tsuyoshi Abe will reprise their roles as the group known as “F4.”
The film is set one year after Tsukushi Makino’s graduation. The story focuses on a major incident that the five main characters become involved in, while also depicting the ups and downs of Tsukushi and Tsukasa’s relationship. [S]

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My Top 10 Japanese Download Sites

Tattoo Kissu

This is my top favorite site just because the author of this site uploads stuff so fast! The minute something is up on torrent and few minutes/hour later it’s already in her site. Tattoo Kissu is powered by WordPress which makes it very easy to find, navigate and discuss on each releases.

Right now she has a few other uploaders to help especially on Mangas. Episodes series are neatly categorized to their respective titles and also status of which series is completed. Another great policy which I like about this site is by sticking on only 1 Fansubber on a series as possible. Preserving consistency on character names, fonts and translations is why the author does not mix them around. Although sometimes SpeedSubs are uploaded on the site, it is quickly removed by a better renowned group once it’s released.

A few things that get to me are the way the author renames all the files to a simple titles. Removing the FanSubbers and the CRC hash on the file name can sometimes makes you download the same file twice 😛 Well the author’s reason to this is for easier management on what files have been uploaded on her MegaUpload’s account just because MegaUpload’s file management sucks!

Links are all hosted on MegaUpload 🙂

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Cool Japan

Danny Choo

A site that’s full of Moeeeeeeeeee. Very informative, just like slashdot

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Harajuku Girls

Cool kids in Harajuku. I don’t understand this culture. Well that’s one way to attract attention.

Music Videos

One of the best korean/japanese music videos out there and one of the best Kuraki-Fans karaoke effects too. Catchy song. Japanese, english and korean words all inside that song

The only korean word i know is sarang he 😛 . Wanna sing along? Go to Cori”s Jpop Lyrics Homepage. All BoA lovers must get this video :mrgreen: and other videos that are linked down there too. More videos will be uploaded soon. Credits to Kuraki-Fans

[Kuraki-Fans] m-flo loves BoA -the love bug

[K-Fans] BoA – Kimochi wa Tsutawaru

[Kuraki-Fans] BoA – Milky Way

[Kuraki-Fans] BoA – Be the One

[Kuraki-Fans] T.M. Revolution – Invoke

[Kuraki-Fans]Do As Infinity – Week

[Kuraki-Fans] Utada Hikaru – Deep River

[Kuraki-Fans]Koda Kumi – Crazy 4 U

Kuraki-Fans]Koda Kumi – Cutie Honey