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My Top 10 Japanese Download Sites

Tattoo Kissu

This is my top favorite site just because the author of this site uploads stuff so fast! The minute something is up on torrent and few minutes/hour later it’s already in her site. Tattoo Kissu is powered by WordPress which makes it very easy to find, navigate and discuss on each releases.

Right now she has a few other uploaders to help especially on Mangas. Episodes series are neatly categorized to their respective titles and also status of which series is completed. Another great policy which I like about this site is by sticking on only 1 Fansubber on a series as possible. Preserving consistency on character names, fonts and translations is why the author does not mix them around. Although sometimes SpeedSubs are uploaded on the site, it is quickly removed by a better renowned group once it’s released.

A few things that get to me are the way the author renames all the files to a simple titles. Removing the FanSubbers and the CRC hash on the file name can sometimes makes you download the same file twice 😛 Well the author’s reason to this is for easier management on what files have been uploaded on her MegaUpload’s account just because MegaUpload’s file management sucks!

Links are all hosted on MegaUpload 🙂

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Marketing Presentation

Another bad week ends and a new Monday is here.

The only good thing I remember doing was presenting a practice marketing presentation to the class. Pretty good coz I did the work last minute *as usual* good thing I have help from Merlina’s past information on my assignment. The other groups had to present 2-3 sections of their assignment and I only had to do 1. Why? Coz Im no longer in a group damn it! My groupmates left me! Damn to the other 2 japanese girls good for nothing. Never rely on Japanese girls when it comes to studies, okay? I see that coming. So I did it alone and other groups gave me feedback, not bad. The only thing I lack is using the visual slides. I need them this Thursday for my final presentation.

Yesterday we went to Magil and played futsal. I cant remember the last time I play futsal, I guess even before I went bank back to KL, which is in September? Playing futsal during fasting hour, strong guy, managed to score only 1 goal when the keeper was missing and I was in the center court and shoot like roberto carlos except he’s a left legged and I used right. Most of the time I was being a keeper anyways.

Exam is coming but the people here are getting addicted playing CS:Source. Is it my fault that I introduced the game to them? Help them install the game? and teach them how to play? NOPE, nothing to do with me. Muahahaha. Is it my fault that I managed to KNIFE all of the Unit 4 ? *peace out*