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Lazy dumb customers?

So my dad owns a Mini Market at Desa Subang for I don’t know 3 years? Right now they are quiet in need of extra workers so occasionally I help as a cashier. The things that customers ask or do around that area is quite astonishing in an opposite way. But the one thing that irritates me the most is how the customers will take one or two items and put them in the counter’s lane.

Seriously, wtf? we have baskets and trolleys why don’t you guys use them? The Mini Market isn’t that “mini” size, it’s a 3-lot shop Mini Market with an air-cond and spacious alley. Why I hate them doing this? It’s blocking the damn other customers who are going to pay. Also, I’ll mistake those items from the other customer as the current ones who’s paying. Why do they keep doing this? Uneducated? Just plain lazy dumb. People provide baskets and trolleys service but they don’t utilize them. GG.

But as the saying goes, “Customers are always right”. Damn it!


Exam S2 2004

Swot Vac next week! I’ve been lazy! Sleeping all day! Lazy cam orang gila! argh!! damn i think I got this disease from din. Managed to go to Work n Org lecture but that’s that. Anyways, last week so there is nothing new to learn, just a review lecture.

  • Marketing Trading & Exchange – 15/11/2004
  • Statistical Analysis in Business – 18/11/2004
  • Work & Organisation – 23/11/2004
  • Business Application Programming – 26/11/2004

I am so dead this semester.

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