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Hana Yori Dango Movie at Sunway Pyramid

I didn’t get the chance to blog at all yesterday so this post will be talking about some things that happened yesterday. First of all, everyone and their grand mothers know that Barrack Obama became he 44th US President. Made history as the youngest and the first African-American to become one. Second, I went to Sunway Pyramid for the first time since their grand renovation to watch Hana Yori Dango with Nadia.

Before going there, we met near Muhibbah Restaurant and went there together with my car. The thing is yesterday my paycheck hasn’t cleared and my savings account only had RM24.90 LOL. In my wallet left less than RM50. No choice but to loan abit from my company’s money.

Fans of the “Hana Yori Dango” drama series will get one more chance to see the cast in action, as a movie has been announced for the summer of 2008. Titled “Hana Yori Dango Final,” the film is being described as the last chapter of the live-action adaptation.
This will be Mao Inoue’s first starring role in a movie. Jun Matsumoto, Shun Oguri, Shota Matsuda, and Tsuyoshi Abe will reprise their roles as the group known as “F4.”
The film is set one year after Tsukushi Makino’s graduation. The story focuses on a major incident that the five main characters become involved in, while also depicting the ups and downs of Tsukushi and Tsukasa’s relationship. [S]

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

I have watched it. Enjoyed it. Loved it. Going to buy the DVD when the US version comes out.

Words can’t describe how beautiful and fluid the animation were. My two years of waiting was worth it.

Batman Begins & H2G2

Batman Begins was good except for the fact that OU GSC’s speakers were so loud. Ears hurt so much.

H2G2 – Hitchhiker’s Guide bla bla bla was so funny. It’s a movie that makes you say “what the hell” 😮 . It serves no purpose. It’s a decent comedy movie anyways for RM8, okaylor not bad..

Wishful thinking

Geez, it’s raining, again. I hate it because it always rain when I wake up early (before noon). One of the reason I hate winter. You can rarely see the sun.

So like I’ve been waking up early hopefully something good will happen but never did. Wishful thinking.

Anyway, ticket booked on the 28th June, waiting list on 25th. The sooner the better. This layout sucks. Too narrow!

PSP will be launched on 1st September in Australia. Along with GT Mobile. Price? Around AUD 450 I think. Ebay to the rescue!

P.S – Mr. & Mrs. Smith was okay. Angelina Jolie is just not my taste. Her lips are a distraction. Hooray for short sentences!


Watched a funny Malay telemovie couple of days ago. my mom bought 3 malay vcd’s while i was searching for gundam 0080 DVD in speedy videos. Yea, that was 3 days ago I think… I don’t usually watch any movies or dramas..and rarely watch any malay movies…but at that time i was so bored and my mom suggested we watch the vcds that she had bought..so we watched…overall its not so bad..

the story is about how this singer got his idea to compose a song called “gosok” from his mom very entertaining ~. my mom and my dad loved it . err so did my brothers

I don’t know what got into my mind yesterday, I just felt like i just got to call her. I didn’t know the reason. We talked about nothing as usual..but something that really disturbs me is, we discussed about meeting each other. Hm..err meeting each other eh? I know we haven’t meet for ages, 8 years yeah, the first time we met when we were 13 ❗ We lost contact until last month when she suddenly called my handphone. I was very very surprised indeed~ and I asked where did she get my number and how on earth can you still possibly remember me ❓ I guess females have a sense of remembering as elephants do 😐

Okay anyway, I really cant remember how she looks like..totally…I don’t have her pic or anything that can make me know how she looks. Hm..at first…she wants to look at me pic, and tells me to send her me pic via email, but she doesn’t have a pic on her PC, so she cant send hers, ey..no fair ❗ okay later she said, lets meet at KLCC someday..uh that’s better so as i thought….she didn’t stop there, *bummer* “lets just meet at the KLCC LRT station, and depart after saying Hi” 😕 😯 I was speechless, I can’t think of any word to say, Is this something you’ll say to a friend who has lost contact with you for the past 8 years?

…why don’t we just meet inside suria klcc ? that would be much better isn’t it? neh, she continued…”Hm…you know, i can’t spend alot of time with you. I have other commitments, so do you, you have other commitments too” WTH ❗ what kind of commitments are you talking about?? You’re on holiday! 2 and a half months of what? holiday commitments? 😡

The more I think about girls, the more I feel depressed…thats why I end up watching animes… :mrgreen:

Staying Up

just finished watching some korean movie called “volcano high” …and to be frank that movie sucks to da max!! all wannabes with super powers matrix like, heh pathetic..only one word is enuff to describe it.. POYO! ..and POYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..

didn”t really sleep last night…stayed up late coz wanted to watch arsenal v ajax..so what did i do to make my eyes open ?? hm..watch full metal panic from eps 7-11 i think.that anime is not too bad..s

o anywayz as i expected..arsenal were having a hard game playing against young ajax. dutch clubs are something special..they produce world class players..and they let these players go..reason? can”t offer money to these players..when i mean young ajax i mean..overal players with the age of 25 and below..wahahahaha…put the current ajax team and malaysia…like earth and sky… :Þ

neways streamyx was down momentarily just now..just for a short period…used that time to defrag my 2 hard disk..now downloading gundam seed – 20 from bit torrent, get backers – 4 from irc.. missed watching galaxy angels…hmmmmmmmm