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bla stupid fxhost bla stupid netatom

last update on mainpage is 1st october which is bull because I had posted a few posts later after that. I think there were 2 posts gone which was about oRO and my flight back to KL. Ever since that, no more post. Why? The reason is because of stupid Fx-Host has merged/bought by NetAtom and they did not even notify about me at all! At first I couldn”t login to my cPanel and all that Invalid license page bullshit. After that the website is totally down for a week or more I think. I didn”t get any e-mails or news about this at all! No announcement made on FX-Host main page which is stupid! Even more stupid is NetAom didn”t do the same thing on their mainpage as well! Which is stupid^2. I couldn”t make the latest backup as I couldn”t access phpmyadmin to backup my database.\r\nFor more information regarding this stupid management refer to this page\r\nTotally frustrated. Lucky I got backup the website layout and some of the older database. Stupid host, how did they even manage to be one if they can”t keep track of their customers?! Stupid idiot baka! They didn”t even back up my files and all they give back was an empty space and nothing in it!\r\nAll my pictures and mods in this website need to be uploaded again and redone. That”s what Im tired of, doing the same shit over again.\r\n\r\nThat”s all about the stupid host, now I”ll rant about other stuff.\r\nI like to play games, especially online games. The first online game I played or I thought I first played it online was Counter Strike, .7 something beta I think, and after version 1 – 1.5 Im still playing it 🙂 The latest CS which is CS : Source using Half Life 2 engine, called “Source”. Gotta say it”s really cool. The high points are the graphics and the physics in the game. Downside, still the same weapon, same map, same stuff. Well there are a few new maps but the best part is to see the water splashes in Aztec 🙂 . Playing on AuS servers and hardly feel any lags. Pings always below 100 and fps while everything is set high is roughly around 40 with my 9600xt -_-\r\n\r\nI just bought Final Fantasy XI 😀 . All I gotta say is it r0xX0R y0uR b0xXoR!! It”s costly, I know but it”s the best MMORPG out there! Beat the hell outta RO!\r\nWant to post more but feel lazy after eating the stupid damn salty seafood pizza ~_~’,